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Zhengzhou South wrapped head of the farmhouse dining garbage is swept into the the Yellow River tourists: spoil the enthusiasm Mr. Zhang said, Mid Autumn Festival on the same day at 2 pm, he and his family came to the south head and a named "Liu Sitie egg" fishing boats. "We were in the store on the North West of the second boat, found the East about 30 meters outside the three boats were man holding a broom, sweeping the garbage into the Yellow River." Mr. Zhang then produced a short video to the reporter when he took a photo of the incident. Reporters saw in the video, five side by side arranged on the fishing boat, there are three young men are cleaning the boat. A man dressed in a white T-shirt, blue pants, the young man back to the camera, standing on a fishing boat on the edge of the debris on the deck to sweep the the Yellow River water. In a moment, the river will float with beverage bottles, cans and plastic bags, and used napkins and other rubbish. Yesterday afternoon, reporters reflect the matter to the Hui Jinhe Bureau, the Bureau staff said, fishing food waste swept into the Yellow River, which had previously existed. "We as water administration departments, and no administrative punishment. I found this situation, our staff can only take the form of advice, call, inform the fishing operators of this kind of practice is not desirable, but we can not be forced to stop this pollution behavior." The staff member said. Henan Zhongyuan green environmental protection association official Kuang Jie said that the environment itself has a certain self purification ability, but when pollutants enter the water more than the self purification capacity of the environment, will pollute the water. "This effect in river water period, less environmental impact, but once in the dry season, will seriously affect the water quality. The dam was built upstream of the Yellow River, belong to the basic artificial control flow of rivers, the self purification ability tends to be free. In addition, a water plant in the Yellow River Huayuankou, garbage into the river is dirty our "big tank". I hope the visitors and fishing operators can work together to take care of our mother river!" (reporter Zhang Qiao)相关的主题文章:

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