Zhao Liying to New York Times spend thousands of bones by foreign media to praise vidown

"Zhao Liying" to "New York Times spend thousands of bones" by foreign media to praise foreign media reports Guangming to say on behalf of last year’s hit TV show, starring Zhao Liying "flower and bone" can be described as well. It is reported that the amount of network play has exceeded 23 billion, ranking first in the Chinese TV series. Starring Zhao Liying also by virtue of this drama quickly burst red, became a well-known actress in the Chinese region. Recently, the phenomenon of drama series, thousands of bone on the cover of the humanities and arts New York Times, causing concern and reports of the mainstream media in the United States, Zhao Liying’s popularity quickly spread from Asia to foreign countries. "This" stills flower and bone accounted for nearly half of pages of the report, will be focused on China film IP heat caused by "the" flower thousands of bones. From the Internet novel adaptation of the TV series "talking about" spend thousands of bone, Chinese IP heat caused by the entertainment industry, the TV drama "spend thousands of bone" praise and praise. New York Times PC page "end" author Jiang Chenzhou spend thousands of bones in an interview that works in 2009, when the market is in a rising state, slow warming after two years, there are people running around, and she discussed the space and feasibility of adaptation and now, in China, people everywhere in the IP. This is the "bone" China to spend thousands of TV market changes, and spend thousands of bone, originated from the successful interpretation of the actor. Jiang also said that in the creation of characters, she created a better bad guys and bad people. But the complexity is hard to show on the TV screen. While Zhao Liying played the flower and bone is truly gained public recognition, which is extremely valuable. "Flower and bone" stills recently, Zhao Liying with "flower and bone won the 2016 Golden Eagle Award" as the most popular actress and last week, Zhao Liying also with the "door" won the "nine WJ Award" and as best actress, her success is not accidental, she can be very plastic. From the beginning of last year, she has been occupying the TV screen. Recently came the news wrap she starred in the annual drama "secret" Chu Joe biography ", the show will be broadcast on Hunan TV in 2017 summer, high-profile.相关的主题文章:

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