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Yang Mi Hawick Lau’s divorce rumors increasingly whirling Sina entertainment television column eight deep water today is the birthday of Hawick Lau 42, Yang Mi zero time for husband blessing, is propaganda "other words to whisper". The whisper of love has been silent for four years. As for why uncle Liu does not eat meat, is for Yang Mi and small glutinous rice praying, he is willing to a vegetarian for three years. And secretly show loving. Hawick Lau for the first time to respond to Yang Mi’s wishes, also praised the fruits in Xinjiang is to save effort followed by father Yang Mi also wish my son-in-law fast, drying out the son-in-law properly according to hematic muscle, a son-in-law kuangmo Hyun ah! Eat melon masses have a message blessing, alas, the large power power in the food I ate be caught off guard. Last month, the birthday of Yang Mi, Hawick Lau and micro-blog with a pinch point, small glutinous rice painting, super warm heart. Two people have ambiguous interaction, seems to be in action to break divorce rumors. Since the beginning of November last year, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s various types of divorce rumors endless, has become a menstrual paste. The team two people quickly, immediately angrily rumors. Then Yang Mi Hawick Lau micro-blog said they rumor, good. Is participate Li Yifeng, firmly declared his relationship with the large power power is just pure revolutionary friendship. When Yang Mi Li Yifeng’s film "Star" is his campaign period, so the Huan Rui Jiang Lei said there was a movie actress by deliberately discredit, to affect the box office. Some people think this promising new speculation suspects. However, the story of the film after the rupture of the feelings of the rumors are still growing, referring to the two people in addition to the very little interaction on micro-blog, and often get together less. Last year’s scouts also eyeing them, in Yang Mi’s birthday that day, Hawick Lau as usual micro-blog blessing. With the film the reporter noticed, when they were in Hangzhou, filming in Hengdian, not far away but no birthday together. Later, Hawick Lau was asked to promote the film, Yang Mi undaunted, very embarrassing. After the divorce rumors of turmoil, Hawick Lau clarified that the reporters questions made him feel uncomfortable. But rumors, they repeatedly issued a statement, the role is not large. In addition to a number of entertainment marketing broke the news, the financial circles have to insert a foot, in April this year, according to financial sources, the investigation found that Yang Mi is currently the real state of marriage divorced. But this was a divorce broke the loopholes too much, not only the legal theory is not enough, and the time is not on. Perhaps because of the same number of boxes too small, resulting in a marriage of power that we think is crumbling. But when divorce is always the most fierce propaganda, people have doubt. At the same time, because the husband and wife are busy career, two years of small glutinous rice in Hongkong, almost all of the parents brought by Hawick Lau. Hawick Lau also occasionally photographed a man to take her daughter to class early. When we started to grumble Yang Mi when the mother didn’t care, children’s day this year, Yang Mi briefly returned to Hongkong to visit the small glutinous rice, for her birthday. Hawick Lau went to the airport to pick up a big power, husband)相关的主题文章:

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