Wuhan Metro paper line started a total length of 16.96 km station set up for 19 years to build 7 vy canis majoris

Wuhan Metro paper line started a total length of 16.96 km station set up for 7 years to build a new station in the village of shield construction is underway in 19. Reporter Zhan Song photo Wuhan Metro paper line started construction in December 2014, the last site of this month, Metro Town station, the construction of the line indicates that the overall start. Up to now, the 7 stations across the board has been the main structure of the 2 cap. It is from the end point of line 7 Yezhi Lake Station South through Hongshan District, Jiangxia Bridge District, Zhifanggou old city, until the Qinglong mountain area, finally arrive at the subway Town, is expected to be completed in 2019. 7 sites started 2 stations have been completed according to the subject, Zhifanggou line by line 7 end point Yezhi Lake Station leads along the cultural Boulevard, Wenhua Road from north to south, successively pass through Hongshan District, Jiangxia Bridge District, the old city of Zhifanggou and Qinglong mountain area, stop at the subway town line a total length of 16.96 kilometers, with 7 stations, are off the assembly line. "New village station is located in Hongshan District, Tai Ling Ling Street station, Jiangxia living room station, Tan Xinpei Park Station, North Wah Street station, paper Square Street station, Metro Town station and Tsing Lung mountain vehicle segment is located in Jiangxia district." Metro Group on behalf of the owners of the project on behalf of Peng Rui, at present, the main structure of the new village station and the main station of the park has been covered by the Tan Xinpei. All 7 intervals (6 shield zone, 1 mines, 4 of the interval) is the tunneling shield interval (wild river, river, new interval interval interval interval, Tan Bei Zhi), Zhifang street, town subway interval mining method is the excavation. Yesterday, in the New Village Road station site, the construction side of the Gezhouba Dam China group company project manager Ding Xinsheng introduced, the station was two storey underground island platform station, 261 meters long, 20 meters wide, 4 entrance, 21 on the last piece of the concrete roof has been completed, the completion of the main structure of the station. Gezhouba Dam group is responsible for the construction of the new village, Tai Ling Ling Street and Jiangxia living room 3 stations and 4 intervals. In addition, the reporter learned from the Metro Group, the last line of the paper station subway Town station was also started this month, is undergoing karst treatment, leveling site. The start of this site, indicates that the paper line started. Qinglongshan south to the north to Yezhi lake and line 7 through 10 points yesterday morning, the reporter to 16 meters deep in the New Village Road Station underground site, workers are assembled into the tunnel lifting segment. Ding Xinsheng said, the North would Zhifang line and line 7 phase end point Yezhi Lake Station will be connected through the operation. It is expected that next year 3 and April, the shield machine can reach the Yezhi Lake station. By the end of 2017, the first line will be opened to traffic, until 2019, after the opening of the paper line, the two line through, from Jiangxia to Wuchang, the subway just half an hour. Reporters learned from the Wuhan Metro Group, the other side of the paper line, has been to Qinglong mountain scenic area, to plan the end of the town of Tsing Lung MTR subway station". "The subway town" is around the subway line, to create a functional residential area in the city far away, living here, not only picturesque scenery scenery is good, but because of the subway to the city center, traffic is very convenient. .相关的主题文章:

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