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Where the two woman 38 million Fu Baoshi figure painting is? Wen Yunjiao for Chinese painting master Fu Baoshi, could draw two adorable sister is a towering mountain "more profitable". Tomorrow, "Fu Baoshi diamond slope works period good scenery" coming in tomorrow’s autumn auction debut, the valuation of 38 million yuan. And on the same field and Fu Baoshi’s "Taishan map" is also a lofty, Jingang slope works period, valuation is only 18 million. With the hand of a person, with the creation of a gold period, why the gap between the 20 million? The "King Kong Slope" three words have meaning, but the meaning is limited — after all last year by Liu Yiqian 230 million in the bag "and" big powers is the cloud king Fu Baoshi left after the Jingang slope works. Fu Baoshi’s work is not so valuable as the king of Poe, as Fu Baoshi’s figure painting. Earlier this year, Beijing Council has made Fu Baoshi’s landscape works "Song Jian Xunyou" and the transaction price of 8 million 740 thousand yuan. Compared with the price of 230 million "big powers" and up to now, you can think of them behind the name "Fu Baoshi"? Fu Baoshi’s characters are of high quality, as if they were already well known. Figure painting of "high quality", in addition to the picture itself aesthetic skills needed to reach the introduction of "Qiyun painting". And Fu Baoshi obviously has this ability. Now, let’s take a look at Fu Baoshi’s portraits of people who can’t move their eyes. 1947 "Song Jian Xunyou", 2016 Beijing Council 8 million 740 thousand yuan painting: Fu Baoshi Qu Yuan painting integrity see people familiar with Fu Baoshi will be familiar with Qu Yuan, because Fu Baoshi’s name is not "bouldering", his name is entirely bouldering on Qu Yuan "bouldering Miluo" to admire and respect. Because of this, Fu Baoshi made by Qu Yuan and Qu Yuan works the characters in "Nine Songs" as the theme of the works. 1944’s "map" to 2011, poly spring auction 21 million 850 thousand yuan’s "map" is Fu Baoshi in the period of Jingang slope works. At that time, the Japanese invasion of China war is still continuing, Fu Baoshi’s aggressive behavior against the enemy is very indignant, so drew a series of Qu Yuan, in order to express concerns about the country and the offensive against the invaders. In his eyes lowered gloomy complexion, dressed in loose robes, seemed desperate chaos. However, in the black skirt cross could see their sleeves under Qu hands hold the waist sword, out of the lines capable force, and filled the whole picture will’s sadness to be tough and unyielding poised complex emotions. The surrounding water plants are the iconic "bouldering cracked" paint, ink thick with intensity. A static picture can be read out all kinds of psychological activities and empathy, Fu Baoshi’s portraits of how wonderful! "Qu Yuan" in 1942 2011, poly spring auction of 11 million 500 thousand yuan in 1954 "Qu Yuan" fisherman, Hongkong in 2011 Christie’s 17 million 460 thousand yuan Fu Baoshi painted many of Qu Yuan, it can be said that Qu Yuan is a symbol for him, he elaborates the minds of the national gas element相关的主题文章:

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