To marry Ma Rong director said, this year, he will be the new year to hand torn Baoqiang Wang (video

To marry Ma Rong director said, this year’s Lunar New Year stalls him to hand Baoqiang Wang [Abstract] as to why again after a lapse of six months to report, probably because the director Chen Jian and yaoezi: he said to Ma Rong hand Baoqiang Wang, "not to marry her, and successfully let oneself on the headlines. The wife of Zhang Yimou micro-blog Chen Jian screenshot (map) want to marry Ma Rong director Baoqiang Wang Yang Hui resigned to hand to interest litigation disputes of Tencent (the entertainment news Zhang Ningning) this morning, Zhang Yimou and his wife Chen Ting again in the micro-blog report name "director Chen Jian -Hero" users, and wrote: "this person repeatedly posing as my relatives hype themselves, even malicious Puzzle Children photos, have caused the social influence. Micro-blog article does not have a truth, all are fabricated, close this account!" And called on her friends to help support the report together. Originally, he had three years ago, the Zhang Yimou bounce back door "incident in claiming to be Zhang Yimou brother, and published the" open letter "Zhang Yimou spokesman told the media, said the three children born to Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting, because the first child myopia, the only child’s sake, three children are not. At that time Zhang Yimou micro-blog reported his identity fraud, and in March of this year, Chen Ting also through micro-blog angrily: "who have no blood relationship with my family is rather baffling!" As for why the report again after a lapse of six months, probably because the director Chen Jian and yaoezi: he said to Ma Rong hand Baoqiang Wang, "not to marry her, and successfully make the headlines. And now Chen Jian open the micro-blog home page, micro-blog is the top of the long "Zhang Yimou and Nantong born director enmity here", "Nantong Ji director" refers to Chen Jian himself. Micro-blog pictures is a newspaper, the newspaper can be surprised to see a "hero" is piracy cases, the original title of the hype. Originally, posing as a brother-in-law before, he had "pengci" Zhang Yimou: 2002 "hero" (the film version, drama version) after the release, Chen Jian directed the speculation of a "piracy storm", the court also sent a lot of money, but he was that it is by their own film company to time served the other, denied, he also said that "hero" is because they can eventually received 200 million at the box office. Now another Baoqiang Wang Ma Rongzhi about speculation, and then press and dragged out and said, Chen Ting led to dissatisfaction. Yesterday, Chen Ting issued a complaint: Why are so many crooks? We pay attention to him, scolded him and even the media are reproduced reported him, just to meet the vanity of paranoia paranoia and seeking attention. Only by charlatans without drama can sing out." However, Chen Jian is not afraid of being reported, he not only forwarded Chen Ting report their own news, she also denounced Chen Ting: "you not qualified, and I did not write the micro-blog certified Chen Ting brother, don’t you help me up, thank you!" Then, he again on his campaign, said this year’s Lunar New Year stalls, his new film with Zhang Yimou in the "the Great Wall", Baoqiang Wang’s "havoc" fight "tianzhu". He said that his new film "the market is larger and more competitive advantage", and "hope Zhang Yimou hold, young juniors are very fierce, I hope you do not" the Great Wall "…相关的主题文章:

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