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To learn a foreign language online prospects should not be underestimated   the mobile terminal into the main learning terminal – the media – original title: online learning foreign language prospects should not be underestimated with the development of the Internet, more and more users in the network to study. Language learning is one of important classification. In August 25th, Shanghai river network has released the "report" users of multilingual 2015~2016 online learning, online learning to analyze user behavior and trend of foreign language. Interest in learning a foreign language is the main power "report" Statistics found that interest is an important objective of driving and multilingual learning, accounted for nearly 90%; the second is to enhance their competitiveness and to prepare for the occupation development; if the work, study abroad and immigration as three should try to (strong demand). Accounted for 34%. Online learning multilingual users, women occupy an absolute majority, the proportion of 64.57%. And online multi language learning presents a younger trend, which in order to 90 as the main group. The distribution of online foreign language users is mainly concentrated in the coastal areas and economically developed areas such as Beijing. Among them, Guangdong, as a new developing province, has more enthusiasm for foreign language and culture. From the point of view of the user groups, online convenience and preferential prices, the first to attract a large number of student groups, which mainly college students, followed by the people engaged in foreign trade. Mobile terminal into the main learning terminal report found that the mobile terminal has been gradually beyond the PC side, the main terminal to become multilingual user learning. Online learning multilingual with taped course form the majority, accounting for 44.1%, the proportion of live classes is close to 10% of the proportion. According to the proportion of the mobile terminal can be seen, at present a lot of taped or live courses of learning has been put in the mobile terminal to complete. Online learning is mainly in the relatively quiet and have a network environment in the home or dormitory completed, followed by the main fragmentation of learning. The report believes that users choose the form of online multi language learning, mainly due to the convenience of online learning, no time and place restrictions, followed by fun, rich and diverse forms of learning. The user willingness to pay increases in the choice of a multilingual online course, followed by the user will consider the price, brand, lecturer, explain the content, the price factor is accounted for as high as 68.47%, and that learners in student groups are related, does not have the ability to earn money. The "report" also found that users are willing to pay a monthly amount of multilingual learning in 100 to 500 yuan accounted for 45.56%, 100 yuan of the following users accounted for the beyond, learners in "90" are, which might predict, "learning 90" online payment will have slowly emerged. Even online learning has a variety of forms, but in the process of learning multi language, the user is still faced with difficult problems. This problem, the form of live or learning social products may give solutions. (reporter Yin Kun) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:

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