Three people online shopping card registration of 82 companies rely on invoicing profit of $71 tokyo hot n0476

Three people online shopping 71 identity cards registered 82 companies on invoice million profit three people online shopping 71 identity cards registered 82 companies on invoice million profit Wuhan evening news (reporter correspondent Wan Qin Huang Juan) three men and women form a group to buy a card online impersonation identity information, open 82 fake company and wantonly VAT invoices, million profit. Yesterday, Castle police announced that the Public Security Bureau in the city and with the guidance of the tax department, cracked the case value of 688 million yuan large vat invoices case, three suspects jingfangxingju, the police especially prompt is the case of VAT invoices and had significantly different from others is the use of identity information to open the company of false VAT invoices to buy. Two foreigners were false [company] opened in Wuhan in May this year, the city police in the fight against false export tax fraud and special operations, Qingshan District IRS: provide clues and declaration of certified products and trading company with Wuhan Furui open out the invoice is not the same, the company opened out the varieties of goods for steel products, medical equipment, industrial raw materials, agricultural and sideline products is declared deductible, according to state regulations, agricultural and sideline products is tax-free, into the output name does not match, involving up to more than 35 million, suspected of VAT invoices. Castle Peak police immediately went to Shanghai, Zhejiang Hangzhou and other places by the ticket, check the goods, payment of normal field related sources of information, found that many of the goods with the variety of goods does not match the declaration. Wuhan Furui and trading company with great suspicion of VAT invoices. Castle police set up a class to start the investigation, from the business sector survey was informed that the Wuhan Free Trade Co., and set the legal representative of the company, the shareholders are not the same place, but were born in 1994, Liu Xiaogan people born in 1989 and Shishou Liu (female), in January this year registered in the business sector, and by two people where the police inquiry, two per capita in the local and not open out the company, they have to do without the company itself. The police suspected of fraudulent use of the name of others. In June 21st, the castle police official investigation, police continue investigation found that the company is registered please agent, agent Wang, the police will be two photos to identify Wang Wang, they did not recognize him two people registered company. Wang provides physical characteristics and phone number he commissioned for company registration procedures for the principal. But in the vast sea of humanity, it is very difficult to find people in line with this feature. [two partners to do business with each other. "The police from another channel to start, because in accordance with the provisions in the invoice before the drawer right should pay tax in the tax bureau, Wuhan Furui and set trading company did in the Agricultural Bank has to pay a small tax situation, through the bank to pay the bottom the single audit, found the money is from a tube called a woman account came, and possession of a reservation phone banking and the agency reserved telephone, tax report reserved telephone perfectly. After investigation, the tube of a divorce, her husband Yang of the physical characteristics of the client’s physical characteristics comply with the registration agency provided to the police, Yang photo.相关的主题文章:

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