The world’s most beautiful face of the year was praised as living Monalisa (video) yvette yates

The world’s most beautiful face of the year was praised as alive Monalisa latest version of the world’s most beautiful face baked! , 22 years old from Russia, Raeva (Alena) in the year of the world’s most beautiful face contest won, she was praised by the audience judges are alive, Monalisa, Raeva. 2016 of the world’s most beautiful face is like the living Monalisa friends: Oh it is reported that 2016 "most beautiful face" World contest in Mongolia the capital of Ulan Bator, a total of the game including the United States, Japan, Chinese, Russia and other more than and 60 countries around the world participate in the pageant. During the competition, from September 27th to October 9th, through a number of projects, including sports competitions, creative competitions, bikini selection, traditional costumes and witty quiz, etc.. This year won the pageant, is from the 22 year old Russian beauty reporter Raeva, she is from Siberia, Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarsk). She told the media after the game, I really did not expect to stand out in the beauty contest. I just want to introduce you to my country, let us know more about us. I feel very comfortable there, like a duck." This competition results in China users also sparked heated debate, netizens have said "do not understand Dave aesthetic", "the most beautiful face in China", more users play meaningful "ha ha" two words. So, this year’s "world’s most beautiful face" in the end what? Does she fit the definition of "the most beautiful face" in your mind?相关的主题文章:

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