The world’s first super dimension drama Peterpan’s fairy tale Adventure Island Beijing Premiere k-boxing

The world’s first super dimension drama "Peterpan’s fairy tale Adventure Island" Beijing premiere POSTER "Peterpan Adventure Island" by Immersive theatre Randy Weiner to join the famous drama producer on Broadway in New York’s top production team together to create Immersive, theatre form of drama in recent years in New York to great acclaim, the subversion of the traditional drama stage, breaking the boundary in the form of attracting the more the audience. As the world’s first fairy tale theme drama "super dimension Peterpan Adventure Island", December 10th will be a world premiere in Beijing. Rehearsal of things in Neverland are likely to occur in "Peterpan’s Adventure Island", a famous Broadway producer Randy Weiner and his team for the audience to create an unknown world – Neverland, where the rules of life and everyday is completely different, only to the imagination, think "happy the idea of" all things are likely to occur, including Fantasy Flight, lovely fairy, eternal innocence… "Peterpan’s Adventure Island" through the immersive theatre drama form, bring you unprecedented interactive drama experience. For friends, here you can away from the pressure of life, in interaction with the actor’s identity, forget to forget age, early return to the heart, the experience of childhood. For the children, not only can play here happy, in the interaction with the actor, his courage, teamwork ability, self-confidence to enhance the degree of attention to things will be tempered. The children involved in the interaction of the family. The whole family together is not as simple as you play me, or is each one iPad, emotional intimacy, but does not intersect with the laughter of parent-child relationship. 8000 square meters of dream rehearsal venue, open exploration tour at a cost of nearly billion yuan to build 8000 square meters of "meet the unbelievable" dream experience venues, can meet all the unbelievable things here, full of imagination. Here, you can never grow up, can be free, free, this place is Never Land. Never Land has a fierce pirate gathering – pirate ship, blue ocean, dazzling Mermaid Lagoon of lost children underground homes, brave tribe… There are more incredible things waiting for you to explore, and the more you find out, the more you get! The adventure map on Broadway in New York’s top team to create the world premiere in Beijing, "Peterpan’s Adventure Island" by New York’s top production team took more than two years to build, artistic director Randy Weiner is at the Harvard University at the American Repertory Dean, "New York Times" was named "New York non leading producer of traditional theater," the Wall Street journal "said he is a crazy night show genius"; Director Allegra Libonati American Repertory Theater is a resident director of Harvard University, is one of the leading force of the American theater; won the Toni prize of the famous Broadway set designer David Gallo as the stage art design.相关的主题文章:

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