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The Guangzhou river once again found 22 new pollution sources — Guangdong channel — original title: Guangzhou river again found 22 new sources to reporters yesterday from the Guangzhou municipal flood control office was informed that, in the new round of river pollution source investigation and action, Guangzhou once again found 22 problems, the illegal construction of 13 cases. Baiyun District and Haizhuqu District 6, tied for first. Livestock pollution is the main cause of the creek water quality poor, do inspections found problems in flood control in Guangzhou city also accounted for a big proportion. According to statistics, the city flood control office assigned by the problem there are still 21 not rectification, aquaculture pollution 6, accounted for nearly 13. There Huadu District of Bainihe River in goose farm, Baiyun District high cut flood drainage side goosery, Lian Yong Bian long tributary farm, poultry farms and the river?. According to the plan, November 15th to complete the illegal poultry farms demolition remediation tasks, Guangzhou Agriculture Bureau also said that the district in the cleaning work, on the one hand to demolition, one hand building, do not leave blank, to find ways to help farmers increase income. The new issue of river pollution source inspection again found 22 problems, of which 13 cases of illegal construction, more than half of the total. It is noteworthy that, in the Pearl River coast found a number of illegal construction, including sand, waste yards, etc.. "Guangzhou flood APP" is a long river at all levels immediately receive complaints, an important channel for feedback problems. However, in the implementation process, there are also reflected in the use of grassroots river length is not familiar with the use of APP. According to preliminary statistics, District, town (street) and village (neighborhood) river length has completed the installation of 95 people, the completion rate of 100%. (Mou Xiaoyi Zhao Xuefeng) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

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