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Sign: Wu Jian new exhibition opening ceremony of music show Beijing people’s livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art in November 4, 2016 4 in the afternoon, "signs: Wu Jian new exhibition opened in Beijing’s Museum of Contemporary Art. The Wu Jian in the Art Museum of the large-scale exhibition is the people’s livelihood in Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art "contemporary artist case study series," the latest results. The exhibition is jointly organized by China Minsheng Bank and Beijing people’s livelihood Museum of Contemporary Art, CO sponsored by the former wave Gallery, and hung hung served as curator. Wu Jianan was born in 1980 in Beijing, graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, received a master’s degree and taught there, he is an associate professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Experimental School of art, master tutor. His work has participated in the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, the Lincoln County Museum, the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, the Kennedy Art Center, Washington Gongwangfu, Boston Art Museum, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art and other institutions on display. In the early works of Wu Jian, he adopted the traditional Chinese paper cutting art to carry out the interpretation of Chinese and Western mythology and philosophy with personal style and contemporary cultural imagination. The exhibition, not only presents the most familiar creation material and style of the works, he also dabbled in the theme and the media to more fields. Wu Hung said: "Wu Jian the imagination in several dimensions at the same time, his works are always in several dimensions and stimulate and expand people’s artistic imagination. He walks between the text and the image, and adds a narrative dimension on the abstract and the concrete. He got rid of pure vision and watching, so he introduced the sound and performance. He gallops in the moment between ancient and modern, people in the twinkling of an eye to the treacherous strange prehistoric times gone. He across media and style: painting, sculpture, paper cutting, apparatus is provided to his diverse vocabulary, but also arouse comprehensive, disrupt, cross-border and beyond desire." At the same time, Wu Hung also interpreted the theme of the exhibition. "Signs" are mysterious: some strange phenomena appear, indicating that the upcoming events, or the day of disaster or dynastic change, and even the end of mankind and the earth. "The logic of thinking beyond the sign", cultural and geographical, hidden in the scientific reasoning and political philosophy. But in any case it is always about the unknown and the future. At this point the signs and art — especially a relationship worth thinking and contemporary art, because art is always about imagination, but true contemporary art always leads to the unknown future and creation." The exhibition provides an opportunity to connect the mythical world with contemporary thinking. A total of nearly 40 pieces of works were exhibited for the first time, including a large set of simulated animal specimens. These works show the achievements of contemporary traditional art language, highlighting its unique value and have a unique style in the contemporary culture in the context of visual charm. The four pieces of theme in the China culture and art have a history of thousands of years: here is "heaven and earth for God" the headless giant Borner, a "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" in the animal body hair sound strange, "the tragic outcome of Meijianchi" legend, but also by the Han Dynasty "shake相关的主题文章:

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