Shanxi Yang Ji Yang officially opened high-speed Python segment is expected to be completed in 2020

Shanxi Yang Ji Yang officially opened high-speed Python segment is expected to be completed in 2020 Shanxi daily news (reporter Zhao Dewei) "Yangcheng Jiyuan coal, water, construction of the expressway, will give two province of water and coal to create more shared interests……" Today morning, Yang Ji Yang Expressway Section Python officially commenced, Yang Ji Expressway built, not only convenient for the people of Henan to Shanxi Manghe scenic area, and to Linfen, Changzhi and other places of the West tourists to Henan, the Yangcheng into Central Plains Economic Zone and the Yangtze River economic belt has important significance. The general manager of Shanxi Luqiao group Yang Python highway limited liability company Qi Huixiang introduced, according to the plan, the project connecting line of Shanxi Province Yang Python for the Shanxi section of Henan Jiyuan Expressway to the yangcheng. New construction of Yang Ji Yang high-speed route segment starting point set, python hub and Yang Yi Expressway connecting line southwards through the village, in the village, Yan Li, cross by Ze River, high Village West set Yang South Interchange, the sunny slope wall head, soil Meng, to a tunnel, the Dragon historian the tunnel to ge Lao Zhang, Chen Jia Zhuang, the mountain fork, Cao Shangou, in the old deep wa Cun, south of Manghe to Sigou after the exchange, set up Yunling Tunnel No. 1, the vest, monk Ping, a No. 2 Yunling long tunnel, route bends to the southwest, a snow road tunnel to Dongzhuang, grass a mountain tunnel, into the column. According to the two protocol, the recommended scheme in Shanxi and Henan provincial key route at the Shili River bridge south of the river. After the completion of the project, from Linfen to Changzhi, Western tourists can go directly to Henan, Yang Python high speed, no need to bypass the Jin Ji speed, shorten the journey at least 60 kilometers, time will be saved at least 30 minutes. The reporter understands, the Yangcheng Jiyuan expressway is one of Yang python, a provincial highway docking channel in our province and the province of Henan, is the "Shanxi provincial highway network adjustment plan (2009 – 2020)" is an important part in Anze Yangcheng Manghe connecting line, the full implementation of the project for the period of mang Yang, and Yang Cheng the province of Jiyuan to the south, to Luoyang, Nanjing, into the Central Plains Economic Zone and the Yangtze River economic belt, is of great significance. In the project – Yang Python project is located in Shanxi southeast end, linking location to Taihang Mountain, Zhongtiaoshan area, complex topography, gully aspect, the starting point for the Loess Hilly Region (non hilly beam), end point is Zhongshan District tectonic erosion, Corrosion Erosion Distribution among low Zhongshan area and hilly area, interspersed the River Valley plain. The across the board by building a two-way four lane Expressway standard. Design speed of 80km h, roadbed width using 25.5m (separate roadbed width of 12.75m). The bridge vehicle design load rating for highway -I. The design flood frequency is 1300, the design flood frequency of subgrade, large and medium bridges and culverts is, the peak acceleration of ground motion is 0.05g, and the seismic fortification intensity is VI degrees. – the project duration is four years, is expected to be completed in 2020 June, a total investment budget of 5 billion 685 million yuan. Construction of Shanxi by Luqiao Expressway group limited liability company Yang python.相关的主题文章:

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