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Samsung Note7 China replacement rules: return subsidies 200 yuan   for S7 complement 600 yuan – Channel – original title: Samsung Note7 Chinese replacement rules: return subsidies 200 yuan for S7 compensation 600 yuan Samsung today’s official website posted a more detailed recall statement, including mobile phone accessories recalls and redemption subsidies. 14, according to a financial network reported that Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7 said in a statement, the return of the consumer will have 200 yuan subsidy; choose to return after the purchase of Galaxy S7 edge S7 customers will receive 600 yuan subsidy (including the return of 200 yuan subsidy); other specific accessories need to buy raw return way. Previously, Chinese Consumer Association announced that the association will oversee SM-N9300 Galaxy Note7 mobile phone Samsung Corp do recall, consumers return or replacement, Samsung Corp can not to damage the packaging or mobile phone, incomplete attachment and loss refused to recall. As consumers hold contracts, should enjoy the same rights and recalled, Samsung Corp should not make is not conducive to the consumers by the accounting standards between the contract machine and calls the. (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Xu Caihong) 三星中国Note7换机细则:退货补贴200元 换S7补600元–河南频道–人民网 原标题:三星中国Note7换机细则:退货补贴200元 换S7补600元   三星官网今日贴出了更详细的召回声明,包含了手机配件的召回以及换购的补贴。   据一财网14日报道,三星新的声明指出,选择Galaxy Note7退货的消费者将拥有200元补贴;选择退货后购买Galaxy S7 edge S7的消费者将获得600元补贴(含退货补贴200元);另外具体的配件产品需要到购买原途径进行退货。   而此前,中国消费者协会发布消息称,中消协将监督三星公司做好SM-N9300 Galaxy Note7手机召回工作,消费者退机或者换机时,三星公司不能以手机有损,包装或附件不全、有损为由拒绝召回。消费者如持有合约机,应享有同等的被召回的权利,且三星公司不应在合约机与话费之间的计费标准上做出不利于消费者的规定。 (责编:杨晓娜、徐彩虹)相关的主题文章:

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