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Qingchuan Tian Ling Shu Adventures: tourists flocking to Sichuan Channel – Ping Road lonely — people.com.cn original title: Qingchuan motianlin Adventures: tourists flocking to Shu Ping Road lonely Tangjiahe Nature Reserve Staff along the Yin Ping Road xunshan. Eleven golden week, the weather is surprisingly good, feeling all of a sudden return to the summer. It had strong Qingchuan County Tangjiahe Nature Reserve again lively rise, "the number of visitors than usual doubled three or four times, of which 3 is the highest peak, up to 5000 people." Tangjiahe reserve tourism Ketao chief said, this year, Chongqing, Suining, Nanchong tourists increased significantly. According to reports, to Tangjiahe reserve at least 6 tourists will to motenlin who go on a Yin Ping road. Ferris Ling Yin Ping Road, one of the most dangerous road. Tao Ke said, scenic sightseeing car will take visitors to the entrance road, then every foot began, from an altitude of hundreds of meters, climbing to 2000 meters, the whole journey is about two hours". This period of Yin Ping Road, some places still left ancient road, some are local materials, re repair. Another reason why tourists choose to walk up Yin Ping Road motenlin is natural scenery here, good weather and good luck, can see a variety of rare animal, golden monkey, takin, black and so on." Tao Chang said that the National Day holiday, the weather is good, tourists luck or not, there are a lot of rare animals out of the sun foraging, squirrels, monkeys can be seen everywhere." Because of the wild animals and plants along the ridge, in order to prevent the invasion of alien species, protected areas are not allowed to enter the pet. With the increase in the number of eleven tourists, pet depository also ushered in the peak, up to a day, there are 80 pets." Tao Ke Long said, for the protection of scenic Ping Road Protection tourists also increased patrols. According to reports, Tangjiahe monkey is a "bandit", there have been many tourists were scrambling the. The army now open forest cut Ping Road young people can’t find the way, the 64 year old Luo Yongdong is also 40 years ago through the wizard…… The young man could not find his way, and the old man could not move any further. Re take the Yin Ping Road plan was to run aground. Unwilling, reporters twisted Qingchuan County propaganda office deputy director Liu Baogang, former drug, hunting in the mountains to dig all asked again. "You may be familiar with some of the old father, he used to go to the mountains to collect materials." An old hunter told Liu Baogang. As a result, Liu Baogang’s father-in-law, 64 year old Luo Yongdong became our guide. Pull a hand sickle, cut, fell under the vine tree, repeated several times, one for a person to walk the path shown in the dense woods. In Qingxi Town mountain valley insurance, road not to come out, but cut out. With Luo Yongdong’s hand waving sickle, behind him, on the mossy, leaves soft dirt, one foot deep shallow kick, from time to time there are "open style" greeting, "Xunyou exploration of the ancient" don’t have a taste. The old medicine taking lead rattling grinding scythe Yin Ping Road)相关的主题文章:

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