National Day holiday highway passenger car toll free entrance card (video)

The National Day holiday highway minibus free entrance issuing reporters from the city traffic Commission informed the Council road, the National Day holiday this year the city expressway continues to implement the following 7 (including 7) small passenger toll free measures, toll free time: October 1st 00:00 to October 7th 24:00, the vehicle from the highway exit toll Lane time is. The Expressway Crossing for free vehicles to take entrance not issuing export charge "rapid transit management mode. Is the national day 7 day total scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times or so, will present the local road congestion, should be ahead of the planned path, reasonable travel peak. The total size of up to 8 million 850 thousand times the city traffic bureau network monitoring center is expected during the National Day this year the city road traffic overall will continue to rise. Highway seven is expected to total flow, crane scale will reach 8 million 850 thousand times around (good weather conditions), the average daily traffic of 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9% last year. In case of rain weather, seven days total traffic size may be reduced to 870-875 million vehicles around. Expressway, seven crane flow is expected to reach 12 million 600 thousand times, average 1 million 800 thousand times, with the same period last year, compared with the normal working days decreased by 10%, the overall operation of a good state in normal working day. During the National Day this year, is expected to import 6 million 30 thousand provincial highway crossing Shanghai traffic vehicles, an increase of 12%. On the day before the half of Shanghai traffic greatly exceeded Shanghai traffic, after the half day in Shanghai traffic more than Shanghai traffic. The spatial distribution of expressway network traffic is still a continuation of last year’s characteristics, more concentrated in the province of Jiangsu – Highway, traffic accounted for 67%, Zhejiang accounted for 33%, which is G2, G15 Beijing Shanghai Shen, G60 Shanghai Kunming flow before three. The day before the local congestion from the daily traffic analysis, is expected before the day of the size of the highway traffic will have greater growth, reaching 1 million 230 thousand times, an increase of 6.9%, growth of 12.3% over the normal working day. The first day of the holidays highway traffic is expected to reach 1 million 260 thousand vehicles, an increase of 9.1% last year, increased by 14.7% than the normal working day. After the half holiday (since October 5th) return traffic gradually increased, is expected to return peak appeared in October 6th, traffic can reach 1 million 310 thousand times; in October 7th, the last day of the holiday traffic is expected to scale 1 million 210 thousand; the return traffic peak is expected to appear at 14-18, part of the highway into the city section of the ray peak time may continue until around 20 p.m.. The Highways Department reminded: September 30th and October 1st is the highway traffic and operation pressure of two days, people try to avoid peak travel. September 30th before the day, the afternoon to evening peak hours will appear congestion, urban expressway and part of the highway out of town traffic gradually increased, local road lines may reach 2-3 km. And in October the size of the 1 sunrise Shanghai traffic, at 8-12 am, G2, G40, G50, G15, G60 and other provinces of the highway may be a long time, a larger range of congestion, and the province of Yanan Expressway convergence相关的主题文章:

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