Nanjing, a shop owner phone number by falsely being malicious attacks aspack

Nanjing, a shop owner phone number is fraudulent being "malicious attacks" eleven long, most people are celebrating the holidays, Nanjing citizens Ms. Cheng is a bit depressed, yesterday morning, she called to us for help, said he was malicious attacks on the internet. Ms. Cheng ran a foot shop, in recent days, every day she received a dozen telephone, asking whether to transfer her shop. Ms. Cheng said that his shop is currently no intention of the transfer, but also let her angry is that the transfer of information published on the agency website, but also compiled a variety of bizarre tragic story. Cheng told reporters that the news is not the intermediary website she released, she did not use the phone number registered. Why some people publish such information, Ms. Cheng is unknown. However, she suspects that the person who posted the information should have some knowledge of her situation. Under the coordination of the reporter, Ms. Cheng and intermediary website customer service staff made contact, these false malicious information has been deleted. At present, Ms. Cheng has alarm, and her phone is to be fraudulent, what is false news who issued the intermediary website said the investigation will continue.相关的主题文章:

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