Nanjing 57 black smelly river remediation time introduced PM2.5 annual average concentration of 8% (

Nanjing 57 black smelly river remediation time the introduction of the annual PM2.5 concentration decreased 8% Express News (reporter Lu Wei) before the end of next year, to complete the district 57 key malodorous river remediation tasks; by 2017, the city’s annual average PM2.5 concentrations decreased by 8% compared to 2015…… Nanjing municipal government recently introduced the implementation of the views of the implementation of the "notice" the provincial government on strengthening the protection of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River Basin (the opinion), of which about the black smelly river remediation have a specific timetable. Opinions requirements, before the end of 2016, the completion of the Yangtze River and other important water pollution capacity approved, put forward to limit the total amount of emissions. By the end of 2017, the completion of the city’s water resources, water environment carrying capacity evaluation of the current situation, carrying capacity monitoring and early warning. Comprehensive management of urban black smelly water, a comprehensive investigation into the water body in the area, the establishment of black odor water files, by the end of 2017, completed the construction of the region’s 57 key black odor River remediation tasks, the basic elimination of black odor water. Nanjing will promote the drinking water standard construction, water source and so on Yanziji 5 Yangtze River water and Gucheng Lake, three water, crow dam, Zhao village reservoir, will carry out the construction of drinking water safety assessment and safety standards. Nanjing will promote the layout of water intake and outfall layout along the Yangtze river. By the end of 2016, a total ban on water conservation areas, nature reserves, scenic spots and other regional export bans sewage; sewage not meet the requirements of the functional areas of water management and water safety and effect of rectification, the rectification is not in place will be canceled. It is worth noting that the opinions mentioned, Nanjing will prepare the city’s environmental air quality compliance plan, according to the different standards of pollutant and the gap between the difficulty of implementation of multi pollutant control, promote the phased compliance of various pollutants. By 2017, the city’s annual average PM2.5 concentrations decreased by 8% compared to 2015, effectively improve the air quality of the environment, significantly decreased the number of days of haze. Nanjing will implement motor vehicle exhaust pollution control, improve vehicle emission standards, accelerate the elimination of old vehicles, the implementation of high pollution vehicles limit line. To carry out special control of urban catering industry soot pollution, strict control of open-air barbecue. Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of straw, straw burning prohibited. Strengthen emergency weather warning of heavy pollution, effectively deal with haze pollution in winter and spring and summer ozone pollution. Nanjing will strictly protect the river ecological island coastline, wetlands, coastal the Qinhuai River, Chuhe River, and Gucheng Lake, Shijiu Lake Wetland lakes, by the end of 2017, all 500 hectares of Degraded Wetland restoration. Opinions also mentioned that to carry out biodiversity protection of rare and endangered wildlife rescue and protection, the implementation of special protection to the Nanjing Provincial Nature Reserve, Yangtze finless porpoise Luehdorfia habitat. Around the black smelly river: ten Qinhuai water quality was included in this year’s remediation plan to expand the video: nothing to do with the original text.相关的主题文章:

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