Men earn money too few smashed cars stolen from more than 10 weeks

Near the mountain men earn money too little for a week more than 10 people smashed cars theft Lee lives in the sea in the Lok Street, usually parked downstairs in the home, the morning of October 25th, Mr. Lee found out the window glass copilot position was smashed, the car 4000 yuan in cash was stolen, immediately dialed 110 Zhongshan Public Security Bureau, Chunhai Street police station quickly to the scene to carry out investigation, and found in the street near the compass and 5 cars smashed windows theft. After the incident, the police quickly retrieved the surveillance video of the incident surrounding the search for clues, the time in the middle of the night, from the surveillance video can vaguely see a man, Mr. Lee’s car along a circle, looking for valuable items to the car with a flashlight in determining the irradiation, no one around, open the passenger side window with the implementation of the theft of a portable tool, stealing items quickly fled the scene. The criminal suspect’s strong sense of anti crime, crime and the route of the road to avoid surveillance probe, and in the moment of intent to commit a crime, increase the difficulty of detection. In case police full investigation of the case at the same time, Zhongshan district and the spate of smashed cars theft, through the physical features of the suspect’s crime means comprehensive analysis, the Department identified as the same person, the police decided and case investigation. The suspect for the crime is rampant, causing huge financial losses to the people, the Zhongshan Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force, bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade joint sea Street police station contract operations, sending the elite police force, to further expand the scope of the transfer of video surveillance, a large amount of work and finally mastered the physical characteristics of the suspect, and analysis depicts his actions track. October 25th at 1 am, the suspect’s figure disappeared in the vicinity of Le Le street. Immediately, investigators in the area of carpet comprehensive Mopai at a car wash, finally found the suspect and arrested him on the spot. The suspect Liu had theft convictions, in September this year has just released, then in the city of a car wash workers, too much money is not returned, Liu after appearing in court, the car confessed to the crime of theft. Preliminary verification by the police, in a week, Liu crime more than 10 cases, resulting in a direct loss of more than 3 yuan. Currently, Liu suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further work. At the same time, the police also remind the general public, so as not to place the valuables inside the car, also will not clear position empty backpack satchel and other items on the car, do not give criminals an opportunity left. After the release of the suspect Liu had theft convictions, just released in September this year. The motive for the crime in the city of a car wash workers, too little money for theft. The crazy crime within a week, Liu more than 10 cases of crime, caused a direct loss of 3 yuan. The police don’t remind your valuables wrapped in the car (Zhou Qi Peninsula morning, Haili chief reporter Wang Lin)相关的主题文章:

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