Jiaduobao in sales decline caused by layoffs predicament of Hangzhou factory shut down tonya mitchell

Jiaduobao in sales decline caused by layoffs predicament of Hangzhou factory shut down the plant shutdown, employees were laid off rumors plagued jiaduobao. The day before the news, jiaduobao internal layoffs spread between, in cooperation with the channel is unpleasant, and stopped some plastic bottles of jiaduobao oem. For a series of rumors, jiaduobao from yesterday to the Beijing Daily reporter conducted a reply, and confirm the stop of OEM products. The day before the news that, due to the decline in sales plus the parent company stop events, jiaduobao is shutting down factories, the factory built Hangzhou jiaduobao juice concentrate has been discontinued, at the same time, jiaduobao terminated with plastic bottle processing manufacturers cooperation, including cooperation with the turbo four years of huiyuan. The factory shut down, stop OEM news, jiaduobao responded: "last year after the expiration of the contract and Huiyuan stopped cooperation." Huiyuan yesterday also confirmed the news. Jiaduobao given reason, said: "because the establishment of JDB Xiantao, TopAsia own bottled processing factory has been put into production, our factory can guarantee the normal supply of the market this year, JDB bottled has achieved great growth." However, for the other self built factory production news, jiaduobao denied. Public information display, jiaduobao Xiantao factory put into operation in December 2015, the new plant investment of nearly 300 million yuan, with a high-speed bottling line, production of 800 bottles per minute, with an annual output of 18 million boxes of bottled herbal tea, is the production of bottled jiaduobao base; TopAsia factory is put into operation in the first quarter of 2015 jiaduobao another factory, the main production of plastic bottled tea product. Jiaduobao between self built factory and put into production time and stop time for cooperation and Huiyuan is consistent, but stopped after the new factory Huiyuan foundry, whether the added capacity, the capacity for bottled jiaduobao OEM cooperation end and an overall reduction in other news, jiaduobao did not give a clear explanation. At the same time, rumors of the arrears payment and logistics enterprises reduce marketing costs such as the Spring Festival 10%, jiaduobao responded: "jiaduobao and logistics suppliers have years of stable basis for cooperation, mutual trust, at present all the normal operation; reduce the budget of 10% Spring Festival is nonsense. Nelson data show that at present including JDB Wumart, Carrefour, WAL-MART and other national modern channels have maintained steady growth, sales in the category in the way ahead." About jiaduobao sluggish sales rumors have been frequently exposed, although jiaduobao has repeatedly denied, but there are people close to jiaduobao is introduced, with the slowdown in the overall category of herbal tea, herbal tea companies have not fared well, with Wang Laoji north, in various sales channels and jiaduobao face contest, jiaduobao to seize market share, jiaduobao pressure small. In addition, jiaduobao in recent years has lost one by one, "Wang Laoji" trademark right and a plurality of red cans packaging advertisement signs, in the court of the Wang Laoji and have lost, which makes jiaduobao in a passive state in the competition. Jiaduobao an eventful year or just beginning to jiaduobao layoffs, production and other events will continue to focus on the Beijing daily rumors. Original title: "jiaduobao Lei相关的主题文章:

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