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The capital of neighboring iron housing inventory full function space total 3 million 800 thousand yuan [Abstract] the iron projects not only because of its convenient transportation, but also because of its surrounding will appear more perfect matching, Xiaobian below we recommend some fine plate for your reference home. Shijingshan Purple Royal Changan · platinum liberte (real estate information) cloud smart business space total 3 million 800 thousand sets of real estate Tencent news purple imperial Changan · platinum liberte project in September 17, 2016 opened the first phase, a total of 57 households, the area range of 50-70 square meters, the total price of 3 million 800 thousand sets. Tencent Beijing Shijingshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 117335324 royal purple Changan · platinum liberte to see the details of the lowest price of 3 million 800 thousand yuan set of large-sized apartment real estate developers of the latest brand Gallery | 400-819-1111 to 804972 royal purple Changan · platinum liberte gold estate built by ingenuity. Gold real estate 12 years, as has the artisan spirit products, adhering to the "intention of legend" business philosophy, with his ingenuity polished, numerous achievements of the urban elite’s quality of life, in the heart of innovation real estate builders of the new era. "" "" "click to see the royal purple Changan · platinum Wyatt home users comment on the above information for reference only, and ultimately to developers as the standard. Not only because of its convenient transportation, but also because it is bound to appear around the more perfect matching, small series below to recommend some of the quality of the disk for your reference. Tongzhou run Maple neck still (real estate information owners forum) the whole family luxury mansion East five state beauty house real estate news show ingenuity Tencent run Maple neck still five East realm of beauty show ingenuity, 88-175 square meters of elegant space quality not negative expectations, Hyatt enjoy Xianfang mature city life. Project price 50000 yuan per square meter. Maple collar collar is currently in the sale of the apartment area of 87-175 square meters to two to four homes, of which 87-120 square meters of two to three bedroom is currently selling. 155 four homes in 8, 9, 14# floor, 11 floors, 1 ladder 2. 175 square meters of housing in the distribution of the 7 building and building No. 15, a total of 1 ladder, the floor of the 9 floor, 2. The whole community is still run Maple neck project consists of 19 buildings, all Banlou design. A staircase design, property fee is 2.58 yuan per square metre, property for 70 years, blank Xianfang, buy namely live. Kindergarten within the District, the park has a mature public facilities. Tencent Beijing Tongzhou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721126 run Maple neck still see the details the average price of 50000 yuan / square meters Xianfang marriage real estate | the latest | gallery owners forum 400-819-1111 610523 run Maple neck still located in Tongzhou base light electrical industry core area Hing light three Street No. 9, adjacent to the southeast of the Fifth Ring Road, Beijing high-speed Beijing Shanghai high-speed and other important city roads surrounding the project, and 986, 637 line, 11 in Tongzhou, 12 bus lines, traffic is convenient. "" "" "".相关的主题文章:

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