In 2017 the Beijing exam managing the registration of public security system by hiring large

In 2017 the "Beijing exam" managing the registration of public security system by hiring Ohara Title: 2017 "Beijing" the public security system of large and medium scale or registration hiring new network Beijing on 14 November, (reporter Kan Feng) today, known as the "Beijing test" of the 2017 annual Beijing recruiting civil servants exam registration. This year Beijing test Zhaolu scale significantly reduced, compared with last year, the public security system to recruit people by large scale. Data chart. Huang Weiming taken to reduce the size of the public security system, recruiting hiring scale from more than 3 thousand to 700 of the Beijing test application time for today 9 to 17, 17, candidates can log in Beijing city human resources and Social Security Bureau website, submit the application, the public subject written examination time in December 10th. Last year, Beijing 2016 annual recruiting, recruiting the total number reached 6857, representing an annual increase of more than 80%, a record most of the calendar year. The recruitment scale released this year than last year, significantly reduced. According to the statistics of the public education, the 2017 annual Beijing test to provide a total of 2136 jobs, increase 179 jobs, more than last year but these positions Zhaolu a total of 5022 people, 1835 people less than last year. According to reports, Beijing City, the relevant departments in charge, reduce the scale of recruiting is mainly by public security system to reduce the number of recruitment plans more influence. The last time the public security system to recruit the size of more than 3000 people, the only 700 people, representing a decrease of more than 2000 people. In addition to the public security system, according to statistics, the Beijing college entrance examination also includes a large court, procuratorate, urban management, streets and other systems. Specifically, the Beijing exam recruiting covers the District of Beijing City, of which the largest number of Chaoyang District recruiting, up to 425 people, followed by Haidian District, recruiting 322 people, the number of recruiting more than 200 people in Fengtai and Shunyi, and east. The registration limit tight loose "double exogenous" registration threshold Beijing registration returnees relaxed conditions in addition to fresh graduates, Beijing exam registration conditions generally require applicants with household registration in Beijing. According to this year’s enrollment policy for Beijing universities, foreign residence double exogenous, Beijing exam registration threshold in elevation. This Beijing exam recruiting, Beijing continues to recruit non nationals, non Beijing area "985" University graduates. But the condition is that the highest degree obtained during the above "three good student", "outstanding student cadres" or a "outstanding student scholarship" above bachelor degree or above (including undergraduate graduates). The Beijing exam enrollment also relaxed restrictions on a group of candidates. According to the recruitment announcement, during the period from August 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017 to obtain country (territory) degrees and complete the Department of education degree certification has a permanent residence in Beijing and the personnel administration in Beijing returned overseas students, not to implement the work unit, can apply for the graduates to apply for jobs. What are the major opportunities? Law major candidates to choose the largest space recruiting, academic requirements for candidates is not high. Bachelor degree is recruiting subjects, bachelor degree for the position of the total number of jobs 77.02%, college degree can offer jobs accounted for the total post)相关的主题文章:

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