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Huzhou is now new scam takeout also let the owner to charge a few called Q coins takeout, and let the shopkeeper to help recharge Q coins, said time together away to pay. A few days ago, Huzhou District, eight mile shop near the home of the owner of the takeaway shop received such a takeaway called a meal call, and one of the owner on the cheated on the 2, and so on, in the vicinity of the store in Wuxing. September 19th at 1:20 p.m., in front of the village of eight stores opened more than a year of the snack bar in Shandong Wang, received a phone call for the phone number to call out a meal call Beijing. When you just turned on as usual, the other 3 points Malatang and 3 cups of tea, let the shopkeeper Wang to a nearby Kaliran District 3 room. But before hanging up the phone, the other suddenly let Wang for help, help you recharge 300 yuan coins. Wang said he does not play the game, do not know each other let him recharge Q coins, next to Internet cafes to charge. Because someone can tell Wang before is Boiled dumplings shop, in recent days to sell spicy, but also very easy to offer residential address card Lilan Wang, no doubt, to the cafe next door to let network management help recharge 300 yuan coins. Wang then call each other, ask whether or not received, but the other said not enough help to charge 300 yuan, Wang did. See him so readily, and then charge 500 yuan at this time, Wang felt wrong, all of a sudden 600 yuan coins how is not enough? So Wang excuses no money refused. Wang returned to the store and cooked spicy packaged and sent to the card according to the other side to Lilan District, but the address, open the door is a young woman, and she said he was not called out, but did not let the who on behalf of recharge game currency. Wang before dialing the phone number has been blocked, he knew he was cheated, and hurried to the jurisdiction of the eight shop police station alarm. Wang said that his shop in a famous delicacy website called takeaway meals, so the mobile phone often receive foreign numbers called meal, because of their own shop in the vicinity of migrant workers more, see the strange field number called meal does not suspicious, it cheated negligence. Subsequently, the alarm eight store police criminal investigation squadron of police Xu Jiangzhou quickly query the phone number and QQ number, did not find the real name registration, QQ is the number of new applications soon, not a friend. And coincidentally, with the former village selling duck neck shop owner, on the same day at 1:26 in the afternoon, also received a call from a mobile phone number called meal phone, the other is 158 yuan duck duck feet, and let him to charge 500 yuan coins. The shopkeeper did not help recharge, but will take delivery to the phone to call a hot spot. But the staff told him that was not open, he knew he was cheated, so the owner also reported to the police. Xu Jiangzhou said, before has not received any warning of such cases, call this kind of meal let the owner to buy other things and things have occurred, the owner in order to win business in general will not refuse, which allows criminals to. Although the amount is not huge, but because the phone number and QQ number are not real name registration, and even no friends, it is difficult to find useful clues. The party hotline also reminded the store, if you let the stores to buy other goods,.相关的主题文章:

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