Husband derailed to buy a small car to buy a house husband and wife together to recover 165 thousand ravbin

To buy a car derailed her husband mistress couples together to recover 165 thousand wife’s husband is the plaintiff, defendant, her husband stood once the "mistress", but the strange thing is that the couple is the station side, but this vocation…… What is the rhythm? Don’t be surprised, this is definitely not a small YY, but "genuine goods at a fair price" appeared in a scene in Haicang court to load the thing is…….. Jiang and Xiao Yan have been married for ten years, life is dull and safe. At the end of last year, Xiao Yan accidentally learned her husband was in 2011 at the age of 16 he derailed object is a small woman flower, two people not only keep the improper relationship between men and women, a flower also helped pay the purchase payments, BMW car down payment and a total of nearly 370 thousand yuan. In this regard, Jiang did not deny, but stressed that has already broken contact with each other. Anger, Xiaoyan decided to take back the money flower. Wife: This is damaging to my interests, I have to put the money back in her view, a strong without their consent, without authorization will be the common property of the couple free gift of flower, damage the legitimate rights and interests of her, will return the money to the flower. The wife’s decision, a strong acquiescence. The wife of the prosecution, and a flower met together to become the defendant. Unlike during intercourse is strong, the station in his wife over there. "Mistress": the sum of money he is also borrowing my court, denied the money, but the gift of flowers, took out two with a strong Autographed IOU, inscribed in time for 2011, to prove that 300 thousand yuan is a strong return loan. In the flower’s parlance, these money are cash delivered by. To this end, the flower also invited his friends as witnesses. The witness said it had lent 100 thousand yuan to lend to flower, A Qiang. "I do exist." Jiang admitted that he signed his name on the IOU, but denied that the two real lending relationship. Jiang said, IOU is in writing and signed in force under the flower. Is it a loan or a gift? The judge for IOU launched after verification investigation and verification of flower’s income and consumption situation, and asked the witness to the flower with money delivery details, said there are a lot of flowers and not common sense of place, and the witnesses say there are many contradictions in the details. Finally, under the mediation of the court, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the flower to Xiaoyan pay 165 thousand yuan, four paid. If it fails to pay the full, Xiao Yan is entitled to a total of 250 thousand yuan according to the payment, will not apply to the court for enforcement. In addition, two IOU issued by strong failure. The judge said the rail party sent money to "mistress" wife can return to the affair has tremendous power of marriage and family, especially the gift "mistress" derailed large property situation, not only the duty of loyalty between husband and wife were violated, and spouse are subjected to serious violations of property rights. The current laws and regulations and judicial interpretations has no direct regulation for "mistress" problems caused by the disputes clause, but the innocent spouse can still seek protection from the related clauses of "marriage law", "mistress" return derailment party gift of property. China’s "marriage law" seventeenth and "marriage law" judicial interpretation (I) of the seventeenth clearly defined in the duration of marriage;相关的主题文章:

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