Hubei, a company suspected of reselling 300 thousand personal information records open house at rand super bass

Hubei, a company suspected of reselling personal information of 300 thousand open house records randomly check original title: "business consulting company suspected of reselling personal information with 300 thousand open house records can be found as long as the payment, not only can check people’s Bank water, can even check open house records and other private information, mobile phone positioning. 7, the Hubei police, according to the clues, the police found a suspected online reselling personal information, transaction "business consulting company, successfully captured 8 suspects. After two years, the company in the name of "business consulting", many times through the QQ and WeChat buying and reselling personal information of citizens totaling more than 30, illegal profits more than 18 yuan. Xinhua News Agency reporters on the relevant information to track. "Business consulting company" solicit business "open house record check free year-round in Baokang County of Hubei province business goods business Wu, a special" business consulting company found recently. In June this year, Wu inadvertently opened a website called "Fuerbang business consulting center, said its page, can carry out business surveys, search site, marriage survey found. "What information can you find?" Wu some curious, dial the phone number posted on the site. Answer the phone is a man, he said: the phone number, open room records, etc. can be checked, the information is true, we have the credibility of the guarantee." "How much does it cost?" Wu asked. "1200 yuan a time." Each other a. The thought of Zhou owed 20 thousand yuan payment after the lost contact, Wu, Zhou long to find the open house records, tracking to find himself, to owe. So the next day, Wu also contacted the man, the other by SMS sent to a bank card number, said the money will check for it. Wu transfer payments, and provides a number of identity card zhou. After more than two hours, the other plus Wu QQ friends, sent a 4 screenshot. Screenshot shows Zhou since October 2014 since the opening of 94 records. The other party also claimed that as long as the additional money, bank water, cell phone positioning and other information can be found. If you give money, what information can be checked, then there is no personal privacy, it is not illegal?" After much consideration, to the Wu Baokang County of Hubei Province Public Security Bureau network security brigade reported. The police investigation uncovered "business consulting." Wu reported at the same time, Hubei Province, Xiangyang City Public Security Bureau network security detachment also found during inspections, "Fuerbang consultation center" suspected of selling personal information of citizens on the internet. In order to find out the situation, designated by Baokang County Public Security Bureau network security brigade investigation. Thus, Baokang quickly formed a special class police investigation. Police investigation found that the company is headquartered in Xiangyang City, 66 long march road, a district of the 2 floor, the contact is Mr. Zhang, with its phone, QQ. In addition, the company has offices in Shiyan, Jingmen, Xi’an. Police handling the case through contact with Wu and Zhang, access to its business scope, and a variety of trading business and information, while investigating. Preliminary survey.相关的主题文章:

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