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Heilongjiang province companies in advance of furnace trial operation to ensure the timely open bolt recently, the Heilongjiang provincial housing department issued a notice, request the enterprises to do the heat heating preparatory work in advance, guarantee the smooth operation of winter heating, to ensure that people live in the warm room. Notification requirements, the heating enterprises and heating departments, to do the preparatory work before heating, carefully deployed, in accordance with changes in weather conditions, heating preparation in advance to ensure the quality of heating. Heating departments should supervise the heating enterprises to focus on the regional and the user’s inspection, investigation work, maintenance of heating facilities in advance, to ensure the maintenance rate reached 100%, furnace test run to advance, and to reach the heating conditions, ensure timely kaishuan heating. All localities should purchase a certain number of emergency reserves of hot coal, to ensure that the supply of coal before the opening of the supply of coal is not less than 1/3 of the heating period of coal. All localities should establish and improve the local heating emergency plan, and actively implement the emergency rescue personnel, heating equipment and supplies to do personnel, equipment, technical scheme of three place, strengthen emergency drills, improve the quick response ability. The possible occurrence of abandoned and stop for, insufficient heat such as heating accidents, to achieve early detection, early coordination, early settlement, the government should take necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of takeover, abandoned, and a large area for stop for stop hot accident. At the same time, the competent departments throughout the country to further clarify the heating heating the duties and obligations of both parties, to strengthen the supervision of heating enterprises, safeguarding the rights and interests of both sides. To establish a smooth channel of information feedback, the opening of the hotline to reflect the heating problem, do a good job to stop heating and heating complaints and consulting work, and in the heating period of 24 hours on duty. To master the operation of heating facilities and the user’s use of heat, strict temperature standards, reduce the rate of complaints. At the same time, small scale, low level of management services, poor heating quality, large amount of complaints heating enterprises, according to the law to clean up the heating market.相关的主题文章:

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