Giant nets pull open Hangzhou Bay Coastal hunting wild duck on the interests of the chain peepsamurai

Giant nets pull open Hangzhou Bay Coastal hunting wild duck on the interests of the chain every autumn and winter, it is time to mass migration to Hangzhou Bay migratory bird habitat. However, Ningbo is located in the north of Cixi Hangzhou Bay Beach, there is a vast network of pull up life, hunting all kinds of migrant birds. Fish rich vast tideland, became a migratory bird "guimen". Now, they have become the target of Cixi forest police. A catch, close, sell the interests of the chain, which was opened. Duck Hunters: keep in the swamp night network in four foci of wild duck in a sneaky way east of Pujiang every day in the swamp, Fangyanwangqu, stands the number of ten large and small bamboo root, bark from time to time "quack" pond. The pond is between hanging a picture made of transparent nylon net, near several makeshift huts, 47 year old Shen lived on the edge, also placed a hot water bottle, flashlight and some bamboo and network etc.. 6 November 5th morning, he went to the swamp to the net, was ambushed the forest police caught. "We received clues, people in illegal hunting, the acquisition of wild duck." Cixi forest public security official said that they used there for a week, and with the help of Skynet project, lock the number of suspects, finally began to close the net on this day". Old Shen Satui ran on the back, the forest police behind him. He finally became the first arrested duck hunters. Old Shen said, he had to do business in Shanghai, business failures came back to Cixi to catch fish jumping for a living, business is not good this year, listen to the village’s brother said wild duck money to catch wild duck. This year’s national day began, he was in the pond side of the home, first in the marshland to choose a pool, and in the pond between the four nets. These nets, he was in the market to 65 yuan a price to buy. Network below, that is, he put the bait – 22 media head duck, are in the market to buy a 45 yuan. Medium head duck, is used to guide the wild duck duck attract. One night, these feet tied the ducks will lead shouting, attract nearby wild duck "hooked", saw a wild duck flew down, lying in grass in the German old Shen immediately pull the net, the wild duck will react were arrested. This month, he has caught 10 wild duck. These ducks, he was attached to the sea to sell on the street, a small 55 yuan a large one to sell $180. This recycling network, ducks did not catch, Shen Shen himself was forest public security network live. Duck: collect catch to the duck who was responsible for the recovery of 20 yuan each of the sales price in November 8th morning, another duck hunters were arrested, he said an important clue: duck hunters and "offline", every morning at about 9, there are a group of foreigners come to collect the duck. These people are very cautious of strangers, don’t talk, riding a motorcycle, car basket is cover, inside is just close to the wild duck. Ducks are said to be sold to nearby farmers’ markets, and some will be sent directly to farms and restaurants. Here, the police continue to hunt, there are three suspects surrendered to bear pressure, which is a collection of duck people. The duck man surnamed Wang, is a fish pond owners, their own fish ponds also domesticated more than and 50 media head duck. Go.相关的主题文章:

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