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Friendly recommendation: Belgium can be sought after strength of the dominant Sohu 11-10 pack.rar 02:15 Holland VS Belgium first European football net 100 average odds: 2.827 3.296 2.394 1.13 0.75 Asia chupan: Holland Belgium Holland World Cup tie in recent performance is not satisfactory, nearly three games only 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. Belgium has maintained a winning streak in the last three games. The current round of challenge the status of the recent downturn in Holland, Belgium, the greater the chance of winning. The two teams in the last fight, Holland 2 than 4 defeat, obviously in a disadvantageous position. At present Asia chupan Holland tie plate by injection, the disk trend has reservations about visiting Belgium, but the differences between both sides of the overall strength of the comprehensive performance, has a home court advantage of Holland and also should not be overestimated. Hundred day 2.827 3.296 2.394 index difference and the first football network to provide, the main customer wins compensation value index is at a similar level, the compensate for Belgium wins slightly reserved, but the overall strength of both sides, the overall strength of the dominant Belgium still have a large data support. Therefore, this game as a way to support the guest should be slightly stronger strength in belgium. Cz100 recommended: Belgium SMG single field recommendation: 0, 1相关的主题文章:

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