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Forbes: bad mouthing apple? Apple is still a lot of opportunities – Guizhou Channel – People’s original title: "Forbes": sing bad apple? Apple is still many opportunities according to the "Forbes" magazine reported in September 28th this year, although the bad mouthing Apple’s voice can be heard without end, the stock price falls again, the industry once thought that the sales of Apple products to create a sales myth, many fruit powder have to passers-by, but a number of media reports can be found, the Apple Corp is still the industry leader there are still many opportunities. According to the Taiwan Times reported on September 27th, apple iPhone 7 in the fourth quarter of this year, a substantial increase in orders for spare parts, and its touch screen orders are increased by more than the previous year to 20% to 30%. Chen Hung Technology (TPK) industry group company and Fuji Yasuko (GIS) is an apple product touch screen main producers of Taiwan, by order to increase the influence, the two companies in the fourth quarter of this year earnings will be significantly improved. According to the forecast, Apple’s iPhone 7 shipments will reach 80 million to 84 million units, down from the same period last year Apple’s 6S shipments to 90 million units. According to the U.S. insurance giant An Tai (Aetna) 27 released the report, has reached a cooperation project and apple, for the group’s 50 thousand employees to provide free Apple Watch for its 48 million customers in the purchase of Apple Watch grant, to help them exercise, monitor their health. Seen in this light, Apple Watch sales will be further. According to a survey released by the Bank of America (Bank of) 28, the results show that Apple’s iPhone is just a new product launch this one, Apple’s sales in the first half of next year will grow by more than 11% over the same period last year. (commissioning editor: Gao Hua (Intern), Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章:

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