Female richest man spent 215 million in Shenzhen to buy a company in Dongguan (video) yezimei

The richest woman in Dongguan for $215 million a week in blue Synopsys company founder card network in Shenzhen (reporter Wang wippo) blue Synopsys September 25th evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue International (Hongkong) Limited recently with the Dongguan Xinbo Plastic Co., Ltd., Dongguan Bai investment letter source Xuan Plastic Co. the company (hereinafter referred to as the "Target Corp") the "equity transfer agreement" signed in Shenzhen City, LAN Si international RMB 215 million of its own funds to purchase authentic pine investment holding 100% stake in the Target Corp, Dongguan Xinbo Plastic Co. company provides a guarantee for Xinbo investment performance. The announcement said that the acquisition of the objective to obtain the source of Dongguan Xuan plastic limited company under the name of land, plant and supporting infrastructure. The subject of the company of Dongguan source plastic Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, the town of Tangxia Wang Tong Qu Tang Qing Road No. 312, the registered capital of $60 million, business scope: production and sales of household electronic parts, plastic film, coating (excluding chemical materials), plastic injection products, plastic raw materials (raw materials for new materials, appliances) parts, new flat panel display (LCD backlight display, liquid crystal display), TV backlight module, new instrument components and materials etc.. Notice that the source of funds blue Synopsys and the foreign investment for its own funds, for the purpose of getting the source of Dongguan Xuan Plastic Co. Ltd. has made the use of state-owned land in the land of 71364.71 square meters, total construction area of 78990.85 square meters of 3 factory buildings and related infrastructure, to prepare for the future expansion of Listed Companies in the Southern China area the production layout. Changjiang Securities Research Report recently said that blue technology in the first half of this year, the decline in profitability was mainly affected by the impact of large customers to inventory, the second half is a large number of new customers superimposed on the delivery season, a new performance inflection point initially identified. From the perspective of future growth, is still optimistic about the future trend of curved glass applications, due to the price increase of more than 4 times compared to 2.5D, will bring a huge performance elasticity. The company in the hot bend, fit, screen printing and other core technology advantages, curved glass market share in the lead. At the same time, the company continued to raise production line automation, reduce the labor cost to enhance the yield of the product, the future 3D curved glass large-scale application will have a huge advantage in quality and cost. In addition, from the international major customers the latest products, whether it is previously used sapphire or today’s ceramic materials, the company is the biggest beneficiary. In the first half of this year, the field is not reflected in the field of income, the three quarter is expected to reproduce the strong profitability of the previous generation of products. (the card network) [main] Reading Week in customer related Secret History Department of Apple Samsung legend相关的主题文章:

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