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Encounter unreasonable low price tour can call 12301 to report encounter unreasonable low price tour can call 12301 to report regulation unreasonably low Tour "of the storm will last for half a year, and strict control of the shopping place, blocked the unreasonably low tour source is the priority among priorities of this regulation. Reporters from the Provincial Tourism Committee learned that from now until April next year, the tourism sector will be attracted to the travel agency travel agency entrusted to pay less than the cost of reception and service costs, travel agency entrusted to receive full payment is not paid or not the tourism hospitality and services team etc.. At the same time, the business sector will be the focus of remediation are involved in tourism shopping and other business units of rebates, private consumption, cheating, or induced by counterfeiting and other illegal acts, investigate and punish all kinds of false advertising. Tourism shopping places in the province of the tax department will focus on the tourism destination, tourist line, key tourist attractions of the full implementation of the use of the network (electronic invoice), and focus on remediation of illegal activities and tax invoice issuing false invoices etc.. The province will establish a record of poor business travel service information records and corporate credit information publicity system docking, regularly publish illegal travel operators and practitioners travel service information". Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the relevant person in charge admitted that the establishment of a joint venture enterprise regulation and regulatory mechanisms of dishonesty, will make a lot of money to pay for the breach of faith. During the focus of the renovation, the tourism sector will take the initiative to guide visitors through the judiciary, people’s mediation and other ways to resolve disputes, improve the rights of tourists in accordance with the law, rational consumption. The majority of tourists suffered unreasonable low price tour, you can call 12301 hotline complaints report. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Li Yanqin相关的主题文章:

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