Embarrassed! Hangzhou district car blocking door time record two days! sexinse

Embarrassed! Hangzhou district car blocking door time record: two days! Yesterday morning, who lives in the Garden City Waterfront Road User "sherrylee" in the Forum: South Gate District is located in the old road and cross road of Zhejiang University, is the owner of the pedestrian entrance. On Monday evening, 4 building owners driving a white Infiniti car to enter the district. Because the owner only bought an underground parking spaces, but the registration of two cars, and did not pay the vehicle management fees, so the gate can not automatically open. Security inquiry, please the owner registration information, but the owner refused to register, and finally was to lock the car sped away, leaving the car parked in the cell door, causing all vehicles can not access, today has more than two days! Property, the owners have to residential communities, streets, police station to reflect, and even got to the traffic police, urban management, but the car still stuck in the gate area, if the fire at this area, fire engines are not to enter! I am also the owners of the District, and now go out of their homes to bypass, at least to spend 5 minutes. For this kind of behavior, I really want to hit her car, but dare not anger for ah, only here exposed her. Southwest waterfront city garden is located in the ring road and the imperial street. At noon yesterday, came to the garden city waterfront district, central is a landscape, 5 high-rise residential buildings along the landscape around the band distribution between buildings with stone road is not to see the vehicle. One owner said, previously called Guangsha District sandalwood garden, the first house is delivered in 2005, the latest delivery in 2008, although there are a few years old, but still planning ahead, the whole area of the separation of people and vehicles, the car from the north and south two gates opened, directly into the underground garage. Wenzhou express to the car keys yesterday morning the car finally left the South Gate District installed a camera license plate recognition system, into the South Gate of ten meters, is the underground garage entrance. More than 12 noon, did not see the car stuck in the South Gate of the white infiniti. Where did the car go? "This car, in the morning is still blocked, ah, was dragged away?" A SUV came up from the underground garage and the driver rolled down the window. "Early Trailer dragged, it is on the front and rear wheel drive, deceleration zone, away." The South Gate of the security master shook his head, face a smile. After ten minutes, after a few cars come up from the underground garage, we see at the South Gate of the wall of the car disappeared, are rolling down the window asked. The owner Mr. Chen said, this car Infiniti have been blocked for two days the south gate, reportedly because of parking thing and property from a quarrel, but no matter what, then put away the car parked in the cell door, it is irresponsible! Owner Ms. Wu said that the district has two North and South Gate, South Gate was blocked after the car, you can bypass from the north gate, very convenient, and the owners of emotion, around the car, some said to put the tire, some glass smashed cars, but security has been advised. You really do. South gate post Security said that more than 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the car drove away, but the car is not the female owner, but an industry committee, drove to the underground garage. In the underground garage 123 parking spaces, to see the car!相关的主题文章:

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