During 13th Five-Year the basic pension of urban and rural residents in Sichuan will be doubled tx49.cc

During 13th Five-Year the basic pension of Sichuan urban and rural residents will double the province’s social development plan released "13th Five-Year" – – reporter Liu Chunhua "13th Five-Year" period, when looking for a job position more fully, the basic pension for urban and rural residents will double the province people’s pockets will genggu…… Recently, the provincial agency department announced the "Sichuan province human resources and social security development" 13th Five-Year "plan", depicts a beautiful blueprint for the province’s people’s livelihood. To realize full employment and higher quality "13th Five-Year" period, our province will be through the implementation of employment and industry strategy, to provide more jobs for job seekers, so as to promote the realization of full employment and higher quality. "13th Five-Year" at the end, to achieve more than 4 million new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate at 4.5%. In order to promote the employment of college graduates, the government will combine industrial restructuring and upgrading, the development of more suitable for college graduates jobs. At the same time to strengthen college graduates occupation guidance and employment training, improve entrepreneurship for college graduates, to small and medium-sized enterprises and grass-roots employment incentive policies, safeguard mechanism of college graduates to the grassroots service will be improved. For the employment of migrant workers and other key groups, the outline of the plan is also clear: to the rural labor force to take place in the vicinity of employment and transfer of employment in different ways to promote employment. Do the employment of retired soldiers, Tibetan and Yi District, "9+3" and "9+3" students, graduates of initial employment rate is more than 90%. The older, disabled, low-income families, long-term unemployment and other difficulties, increase employment assistance, and standardize the management of the development of public service positions, the real name system of dynamic management and classification of helping people with employment difficulties, to ensure zero employment, such as the minimum living family has at least one job. Recommended reading: Sichuan residents basic pension will double the basic salary of civil servants will be adjusted Chengdu retiree pension adjusted monthly capital ratio of 7.5% Sichuan people club Hall: the low staff pension increase or higher than that of 6.5%    Sichuan 7 million 420 thousand retirees pension adjusted per capita growth of 6.5% Chengdu new retirees pension per capita monthly increase of 193 yuan of social security is the basic realization of the legal staff full coverage of the province will implement the national insurance program, the basic realization of the statutory social insurance full coverage. In the basic pension insurance, pension insurance will improve the individual account system. The establishment of family treatment and disability allowance system. Improve the basic pension insurance relationship transfer policy measures. We will gradually establish a reasonable adjustment mechanism for the basic old-age insurance benefits for all insured persons, and appropriately raise the basic pension for retirees and the basic pension standards for urban and rural residents. "13th Five-Year" at the end, and strive to achieve the urban and rural residents basic pension in 12th Five-Year based on the double end. In the basic medical insurance, the establishment of a unified urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system and urban and rural integration operation mechanism. Full implementation of urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system, improve the protection mechanism of major diseases. Perfect job.相关的主题文章:

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