Do you have to choose a good school Expert the most suitable is the best

Do you have to choose a good school? Experts: the most suitable for the best – Shanghai, October, 30 (reporter Chen Jing) good school level is higher than the general school? This is a topic of many years of love for many Chinese parents. East China Normal University, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences key research base of the curriculum and Teaching Research Institute, deputy director of Ke Ke and other scholars on this topic in-depth empirical study. Ke 30, said in an interview, key schools have an advantage in improving student achievement, but in the school level is not significantly better than ordinary schools. Ke believes that for all students, the best choice is to choose the most suitable for the actual situation of the school students. The experts pointed out that parents can according to the child’s performance, choose to enter a suitable grade school. But he also admitted that in the same grade, we should consider various factors in school spirit, school idea, school distance etc.. Ke Zheng pointed out that in the same grade, it should not be too exaggerated differences between the levels of the school. By the Department of education, East China Normal University, National Education Science Planning Leading Group Office jointly organized the second national education research forum "was held in East China Normal University. From the relevant University Faculty of education, School of Education Science, the provinces (city, district) of education industry to focus on education Empirical Research Institute, scientific research and education. Deputy director of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, East China Normal University, Ministry of education, curriculum and Teaching Research Institute, deputy director of the government at the meeting to share its "good school" of higher education?" Research. East China Normal University ESEC children’s language research center director Zhou Jing on the disclosure of the "research and development based on the Chinese series of children’s language and reading database". The idea is refreshing. The scholars believe that early reading is not equal to the early period. Zhou said that after 2005, China’s "early reading" debate is very fierce. In order to let the children lose at the starting line, many parents hurried to send their children to "advance education": in advance for the children to read, write or even ahead of the children, to write the essay in the kindergarten graduation. Zhou Jing pointed out that the child is from a single type of vision, picture, image reading, slowly toward the joint type at around 5 years of visual reading: not only pays attention to the picture also concern the text. In fact, until the age of 6, the child can not really understand the text. The scholar said that pre-school children to picture reading. In the process of reading picture books, children gradually develop their early writing consciousness. Zhou Jing said, do not think that reading picture books is just reading pictures, in fact, in the process, the children will germinate, and constantly increase their awareness of the text. The study of Zhou Jing also found little friends for the text structure identification is gradually increasing. Spelling experiments show that at the beginning, kids like building blocks to tile, then LEGO; to five and a half years old can correctly spell a word box. (end)相关的主题文章:

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