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Cui Jian: because of honesty, so the classic [Abstract] if not for the upcoming September 30th Workers Stadium "Cui Jian rolling thirty" concert, we hardly aware, 30 years have passed. Not all Cui Jian – Cui Jian [1992 Beijing concert] (Wen Tang Lara) if not for the upcoming September 30th Workers Stadium "Cui Jian rolling thirty" concert, we hardly aware, 30 years have passed. From the "new long march on the road to the rock and roll", "from nothing" to the cry of "death does not look back," insisted that Cui Jian used a few albums to nourish and inspire a full three generations of people. The audience is not only influenced by the strong rhythm and sad melody of Cui Jian’s works, but also the critical consciousness and the spirit of confrontation. Therefore, over the years, Cui Jian has been regarded as a spiritual confidant of many people, as the hero in front of the times. In fact, there may be a huge misunderstanding between the audience and Cui Jian – the lyrics in the minds of Cui Jian, it is the most important (at least the last formed). Cui Jian kept trying to create a new rhythm, new rhythm, and then write the music and lyrics, the energy, rather than people thought consciousness. So Cui Jian himself said, "my lyrics are written in music." Music gives him inspiration, courage, and the ability to express himself, which makes his lyrics have a power to penetrate the body from the inside out. If you look at the lyrics removed upon Cui Jian halo plain, you will find Cui Jian, which gives us a tremendous impact of the lyrics are actually in his own instinctive reaction of the times. This instinctive reaction is sometimes angry and trying to collide, sometimes weak and helpless, has not changed only his idealism. "Red flag egg" has said "although hard straight from the heart of stone, the egg is the life", and the new album "the egg rolling" is hard and firm to sing "the earth after the rain, walking more difficult, because the skin more soft soil, than this. I don’t know if there’s any risk, hey, I’m walking like a rolling egg". We can see from this, Cui Jian has never stopped the faith in the future, and the footsteps of the. Just, middle-aged Cui Jian is no longer as young as blood punch screaming let me in this snow country ", instead of the sentimental and sexy melody revealed the true idealist tenacity. The new album "light freeze", how to listen, not so fierce and fancy, but listen carefully, you will find the level of music is more delicate and rich. As Cui Jian himself says "get rid of pepper garlic seasoning flavor daily necessaries, you will find the flavor of the vegetables is the best". The so-called dry cargo, so it is. But it is undeniable that dry cargo is too simple at first glance, not attractive, know it takes time. In fact, Cui Jian’s album, "light freeze", all of the works of Cui Jian need time to know. Unless a "rock on the new Long March", every album after all, after a few years or even decades after it is to see light suddenly said: "the old Cui early to do so (Music), would say (lyrics).相关的主题文章:

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