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Changan Tong card first ID card can do two card staff show Changan Tong Card Photo reporter Ma Zhao public site for Changan real name card photo reporter Ma Zhao yesterday, great public concern "Changan card" launch issue. In the future, Changan pass card and the card will be used for a long time. According to the characteristics of Changan, through the card, recharge, loss, application and other aspects of the problem, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Xi’an city card limited liability company. Do download Changan through APP registration, and to Xi’an city card customer service network to confirm the card. An ID card can do two card personal identity cards directly to the Xi’an city card 7 customer service outlets and China Merchants Bank 46 outlets on site for a business card to open the card; ID card currently can take a normal card and a card shaped. Has sold Changan ordinary cannot change to Changan pass card. If you want to use the card, you must re apply. Card company in Changan for the first time with the customer to apply for a card to provide cards and exempt from rent. As of 16:30 yesterday, there are 428 people bid for the real name card. Changan Tong card how to recharge the card balance can not meet the consumer demand as the cardholder, the cardholder can to electronic wallet and electronic account recharge. Electronic fund account can transfer to the electronic wallet. The integer times of each Quancun amount is 10 yuan, the highest single Quancun 200 yuan. The integer times of the electronic wallet recharge amount is 10 yuan, the balance of the card is not more than 1000 yuan. The electronic account function part of the balance of the card is not more than 5000 yuan. The cardholder can customer service outlets and with "Changan Tong" proxy identification agent network of artificial recharge in Changan, or in a self recharge self recharging equipment Bank, subway station. Electronic account recharge and transfer cardholders in Changan through customer service outlets, China Merchants Bank operating room for electronic account recharge. Electronic money in account to transfer electronic wallet, the card can be carried out in the customer service outlets, business hall, China Merchants Bank, Changan small consumer terminal. Public rental bicycle still need to separate card Changan card of Changan Tong card and real name, real name system is the real name of the bicycle bicycle business, both no practical relevance, so the opening of public bicycle business card and card two card to handle the requirements as before, still need to carry two generation identity Changan card and card, 300 yuan credit deposit. The card company staff said, business card and bicycle belonging to two systems, is currently docking for a public bicycle use large amount of bicycle business has reached about 800000, so the real name card temporarily unable to step. Rental card and card version of Changan fault return rental card refund card, if the card appears on the surface of bending, folding, obvious fracture, dehiscence, graffiti, post card, foreign body, describe the fuzzy edge, corner missing, missing holes, chip bumps, recessed or wet water softening causes the damaged card can not withdraw the rent card Changan, other types of card not refund card business card, such as surface damage can not handle the card. value相关的主题文章:

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