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CCTV three times live mid autumn moon scenery Guilin Guilin visitors praise Guilin life network (Guilin Journal reporter Liu Qian) September 15th Mid Autumn Festival night, CCTV news channel "common concern", CCTV integrated channel "news broadcast", CCTV news channel "Oriental Horizon" 3 program has on the moon live Guilin beauty reports, Guilin Scenery and the moon harmonious scenery makes people drunk. CCTV live through the lens, but also demonstrates the profound historical and cultural heritage and connotation of Guilin. "Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill was chosen for the third time the ten" most beautiful moon "that Guilin as the moon to beauty". We have the beauty of the moon mountain nasal objects were repeatedly broadcast, this time we hope to contribute more to the beauty of the moon Guilin TV viewers." CCTV is responsible for the Mid Autumn Festival live Guilin team leader Song Daheng told reporters. In order to let the audience can enjoy the rest of Guilin "the most beautiful full moon" style of CCTV, carefully screened, sent a strong team of more than and 20 people on the night of the mid autumn line-up, Guilin live HD live. "News broadcast" in the end, two anchor invited audience at home and abroad to enjoy the beauty of the horizon moon, which "across Twin Towers. No dust, the" Guilin, "two rivers and four lakes" and the Twin Towers scenic area and the moon has embraced the beautiful Regency caused by the live scene. In the live picture, the glittering lake reflected the sun and the Moon Lake Twin Towers, Twin Towers in Vicenza, gold and silver pouring down, and the Twin Towers beautiful streamer heaven a full moon is glorified. A fisherman holding the raft, call the cormorant fishing in water, a little fishing boat on the tower and the lights, bright moonlight harmony, form a delightful scenery. The news anchor said: "Guangxi Guilin two colorful golden pagoda, called the Silver Tower, called tower month, every festival people will ring on the tower bell, praying for good health." Not only is the news network, CCTV news channel aired on the evening of 6 at the point of "common concern", as well as the evening of 8 broadcast of the "Oriental time" column, but also aired the Guilin mid autumn night beauty. In addition to the "two rivers and four lakes" and the Twin Towers scene, CCTV team also shot Zhengyang Dong Xiang historical and cultural streets, happy house, "two rivers and four lakes" and other scenic lantern will Yourenruzhi a moon scene. "In the shooting, we spoke to the visitors of Guilin landscape full of praise, but also for the Guilin historical and cultural impression." Song Daheng said, they hope to be able to live in the team more reflects the municipal government, the Guilin Guilin to find the power of culture, the cultural value of mining Guilin "strategy highlights, live through the Mid Autumn Festival, let the audience see more Guilin city cultural connotation.相关的主题文章:

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