Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing National Day holiday town Yourenruzhi Shuilong performances shocked the 7470d

Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing National Day holiday town Yourenruzhi from the national intangible cultural heritage tourists performances shocked the Chongqing National Day holiday town tourists show to attract tourists from the National Intangible Cultural Heritage [comment] during the National Day holiday, Chongqing weather, the ancient town of tourists. In Chinese fourth big city — Chongqing District of Tongliang city housing, held daily water performances, allowing visitors to feel the charm of the national intangible cultural heritage. Water is a kind of national intangible cultural heritage of Tongliang dragon dance, dragon dragon, please show is divided into Ying long, finishing, king water, and returned to the palace and good fortune. In the home city, 15 shirtless man, marching Jiyang dragon dance music, a blue dragon dance in the air. Tap dancing in the process, the cloud of incense, partly hidden and partly visible, magnificent. When the water comes, we are holding the water basin and threw water over the body. Although the water went, splattered drops, wet streets, wet streets people’s clothes, but everyone happiness within. The same period [] (tourists Zhang) in the water everywhere, like the Dragon shuttle in the clouds, feel very good [] (earlier visitors Lee) only to see the night before the fire dragon dance, fire or sparks, this time to see the sun in the water dragon, is really very general. [comment] every festival, China dragon township of Tongliang will fire dragon dance and the dragon, to pray for a year of weather and peace. Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan Chongqing reports相关的主题文章:

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