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Bargaining for organizational decisions? – Shenzhen Channel – People’s original title: the organization decided to bargain? What do I do when the team is changed, the parent organization to consider the old summer professional background and work experience, decided to remove its a street party committee secretary positions, transferred to the city Bureau as a department director. The old summer feel the power of small, contain more new jobs, will find all kinds of excuses to refuse, and use all kinds of relationship between the expression of personal opinions, in order to re arrange the organization office. Discipline Inspection Commission in the understanding of the specific circumstances, to give him a warning. But the old summer that the organization should be fully arranged in the work of the party members to listen to the wishes of the individual, if there is no room for discussion, is not respect for the members of the organization. He’s so right? "Jun discipline" said some party members and cadres in the face of the organization and adjustment, or choice, or hard, or speak out against, for various reasons to explain away, will the organizational arrangements in the "discounted"; there are some party members and cadres, "fail to beat" organization arrangement, go to a new job in a mood, leave burden, with shelves, in a variety of ways to the organization for "silent revolt". This kind of organization "bargaining" behavior reflects part of party spirit consciousness is weak, they accept the job, not only from the overall situation, personal interests, refused to implement the organization decided to have violated the discipline of bottom line, in violation of Party discipline. The Communist Party of China Disciplinary Regulations sixty-fifth provides that: refusing to implement the party organization’s allocation, mobilization, communication and other decisions, given a warning, a serious warning or revocation of Party disciplinary punishment. In the special period or an emergency situation, refusing to implement the party organization decision, given probation or expelled from the party. In the old summer party organization appointment document issued, only because the new positions of power and responsibility is small, refusing to implement the Party cadres to mobilize the normal decision, this is the person in the organization, lack of sense of organization, ignoring the organizational principle embodied. For this behavior to give serious punishment, once again stressed that the bottom line can not break the discipline, organizational principles can not be. "On the political life of the party a number of guidelines," provides that each member of the Communist Party members, especially members of the party committees at all levels must resolutely implement the Party committee’s decision. If there are different views can be retained, or to a party committee made a statement; but before deciding the superior or the Party committee at the corresponding level change, in addition to implementation of the decision will immediately cause serious consequences of the emergency situation, must be unconditional implementation of the original decision. Case studies in Guizhou Prefecture of Qiandongnan Province, former deputy governor, former mayor of Kaili city Hong Jinzhou to decide whether to perform the personal intention: the implementation of whenever consistent with his own ideas,; whenever inconsistent, delay. If he is not willing to implement the decision, will flood Jinzhou put this topic into the last mayor’s office, once going to this issue, he will go to the toilet, back to the participants said the time is too late you next time. Such a delay would eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. These acts have decided that Hong Jinzhou is inevitable. Extended reading相关的主题文章:

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