Bank of Deyang, Guanghan, a wall hanging eight air conditioning machine screen spectacular (Figure) 9c8814

Deyang Guanghan a bank on one wall of eight sets of air conditioning machine picture spectacular (Figure) in a bank in Guanghan domineering leakage on one wall of eight sets of air conditioning unit recently from Guanghan (micro-blog) the people told us that the door of a bank renovation has seriously affected the environment of the cell door, in addition to import external wall where are all damaged, everywhere was knocked some holes in it is an eyesore, even put a wall into the air conditioner display area". The reporter saw in the streets of Guanghan on the eastern side of Yueyang Road, a bank will be eight sets of air conditioning machine all hung outside a very narrow wall, the air conditioner with dense longitudinal row, among the largest interval is twenty or thirty cm, this phenomenon is very rare, but also a very important point is the air conditioner hanging direction is opposite the two area travel routes, every day there are hundred residents passing from here, and do not say they turned on all the noise, is always blowing the wind sometimes hot and sometimes cold intolerable. According to nearby residents said the bank in the decoration at the beginning of the month, suddenly very domineering eight sets of air conditioning machine all moved to the side walls of the binding, let people be startled at. However, the reporter also learned that the bank’s air conditioning machine so there is indeed a reason to install. Area residents said the bank in re decoration, several sets of air conditioning machine all side by side hanging in the two areas of travel routes, air conditioning all open, originally not wide channel more in hot summer and cold winter, let the past residents really can not stand, so we unanimously asked banks to air conditioner evacuation aisle this, now have a scene. However, let the residents know is, banks are now presented to us eight sets of air conditioning machine hanging on the wall, not only increases the range of wind, and to the community travel channel, this is not the transformation. Reporters interviewed the same day, the bank is being renovated door closed, but also can not contact the person in charge. Now, residents hope that banks will be able to find a reasonable solution to the beautiful and safe parallel. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television reporter Yan Botao, Wang Yasi相关的主题文章:

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