After 90 girls love to play a beauty needle, but the right eye risk blindness (video)

90 girls beauty a beauty needle eye blind – unexpectedly insurance reporter Lin Hui correspondent Wei Ying Zhang Hao recently, 23 year old Ms. Meng eye suddenly disappeared, hurriedly rushed to the Zhengzhou people’s hospital. Her central retinal artery was blocked. This is a common eye disease in the elderly! Occurs in the elderly with hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other systemic diseases. Why is the young lady Meng this accident? Originally, Ms. Meng just to work soon, because beauty, and friends to acquaintances there do beauty, in the eye around the injection after injection of hyaluronic acid, suddenly found in front of a dark, right eye sight. Analysis of Wang Yanqing of doctor of Ophthalmology of Zhengzhou people’s Hospital, Ms. Meng’s eyes are likely to be in the injection of hyaluronic acid, due to improper operation, resulting in part of hyaluronic acid enters into the eye around the blood vessels through the blood flow to the retinal blood vessels will ha. The central retinal artery before entering the optic nerve and eye, need through the optic nerve sheath and hard scleral sieve, the vascular stenosis, prone to embolism." Wang Yanqing said, the hyaluronic acid blocked strayed into the blood vessels of the central retinal artery channel for eyes oxygen, nutrients, and eventually led to Ms. Meng’s eye vision manual. Visual acuity is a poor performance of the visual acuity, when the use of the vision table to check the visual acuity of less than 0.02, then the index to check, if the index is not up, then check whether you can feel the hand and so on." The central retinal artery occlusion occurred once, with a few minutes to lose light. If this happens, should not more than one hour to the regular hospital for emergency vascular dilation, or very little possibility of eyes fuming!" Wang Yanqing reminded, cosmetic plastic surgery, injection of hyaluronic acid to the professional hospital by professional doctor injection. Video: so you dare to play thin face needle do today: Zhengzhou children abandoned infraredimages underground cold shivering today hot smell: 90 girls beauty a beauty needle right eye blindness risk unexpectedly in Shangqiu net exposure of two female college students dormitory were exposed Longhai Road brawl truth Zhengzhou purple Jingshan Road crane operation site severe congestion Henan billionaire murder 16 years after DNA to obtain new evidence in the treatment of heart not happy when the man pulled hair nurse beaten相关的主题文章:

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