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A smile can look very little movie – Entertainment Sohu smiled very little movie synopsis: "hot search shop" WeChat public account name for the movie "reply resources smiled very little movie" directed by Zhao Tianyu, producer Zhang Yibai, Huace’s company produced drama spread cool. According to Gu Long Novel of the same name, and Gu diffuse personally penned the script, by Jing Bairan, starring angelababy, tells the story of a university and influential man Xiao Nai shell is tiny in the game met in reality love story. A smile is very little movie about what is the woman love man? Appearance? Temperament? NO, is worth? Flying smart campus with the game master finger! Prince Xiao Nai students in the beauty of love at first sight love Bei slightly, can not with her colourful color, but her dancing in the hands on the keyboard and her calm manner. The same is the online games master Pui slightly, that moment is the computer command of everything in good order and well arranged to help fight, fought a brilliant battle perfect The weak overcame the strong. completely unaware that the God of love, little angel in their side. Then, all students basketball swimming and games company boss identity Xiao Nai God began online and fully hunt a beautiful heart. Thus, a love, in a flower bloom time, quietly sprouted. A smile is the movie version of Jing Bairan, behind the scenes angelababy hand version of "shadow exposure award smiled very little" again in December 5, 2015, Angela Baby and Jing Bairan also won the "annual award leap". Known as "friendship entertainment model" Angela Baby and the one hand not only in the same stage to accept the award ceremony, recalled the scene many years ago the first cooperation was interesting, since exposure was often at rest and one team brush game ", and had agreed to have opportunity of two people must be in the movie with PK. The old friendship warming up "allure CP" friends sought Angela Baby and Jing Bairan following the "city of love" in love "and" global cooperation again after a lapse of six years, from a green hand new artists to today’s achievements, the feelings between the two men with known growth is falling into deeper, "there is a friendship called Jing Bairan angelababy" it was the hottest topic of network. Angela Baby and Jing Bairan’s friend friendship began at the age of 19, "city of love" and "meet the national screen CP fans. The Cannes Film Festival in 2015 a reunion, praised by users "always meet in the" 19 year old Angela Baby; Cameo movie "bride combat", "green"; willing friends in baby ah wedding, Jing Bairan as a family as the best man, and personally handed the ring; in the "happy camp" in the field "to the friends of WeChat" link, Jing Bairan is angelababy seconds back, once again witnessed two special friendship. After the event, two people in the micro-blog out high yen value self timer, and reproduces the classic scenes and classic lines in the novel, Angela Baby (angelababy) actress said: "Xiao senior color greetings, good clever.相关的主题文章:

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