The Navy 1000 yuan made a 10W micro-blog hit bean Shuaban equal to anything foxpro6.0免费下载

The "Navy": 1000 yuan made a 10W micro-blog hit points equal to anything they can brush watercress instantly make your public number amount of reading over 100 thousand, can also be a short time to let you watch the video of the amount of over one million. With the advent of the eleven, they can also create huge traffic for your store to attract consumers. Each broadcast platform hot search list, have their shadow, they are constantly infamy "Navy", the Internet is flourishing and foam maker. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Shilan mentioned profitable irrigation water, Liang Xiao (a pseudonym) not to regard it as right, he was 24 years old when the University began to do part-time network promotion, is now the person in charge of an internet promotion company, although the team is not only a dozen people, but only to the needs of customers, they can find hundreds of thousands of water in a short time in. With the development of the Internet, "irrigation" this behavior has been found profitable, these people become part-time network promotion, post, reply, the top post, Baidu know the answer, point to open a video, open a link to download a APP, as a power critic, interact with a goddess. All of these common behaviors, can generate revenue. Thus, one of the scale of the network to promote the company, the public relations company gradually established, and they, through countless people to click lightly, to guide the tide of the internet. "Navy" claiming to be called "marketers, Liang Xiao does not feel embarrassed. He speaks fast: "I think you are doing in the new media, and advertising is the same, just to help enterprises to promote." In the reporter mentioned that the navy is equivalent to data fraud, Xiao Liang was not convinced, the speed has slowed down, "data fraud? This… This… For example, High German map said he has 700 million users, a software used to say he how much the amount of reading, but when asked to point to boast, can understand." "How do", such as a leader in Taiwan on the speech, the following people on the brush of applause, this is not a navy, who knows in advance there is no greeting. We’re just gonna do things online." Liang Xiaoxian had to make up a few things. When it comes to "not so good reputation, a Hangzhou network promotion company operations director white building also stressed his" marketing ":" we just as a booster, from a marketing perspective to help him better exposure, but in the end what to do or see his own products. We do not endorse his product." WeChat, reading monthly in Liang Xiao’s company, all involved amount of brush business is WeChat can do: read the amount of brush, brush, micro-blog micro-blog topic list plus powder, brush, watercress movie video site to watch the amount of brush, powder and so on broadcast platform. At the end of September, the Tencent WeChat team by striking the software brush caused a lot of public number amount of reading cliff style decline, many public number of suspected brush. Reporters contacted some of the Internet promotion staff, they are playing temporarily do not accept the amount of brush WeChat notice. Liang Xiao’s team is also affected, "WeChat monthly reading stability? There is no stability, Tencent tube on the instability." Prior to this, as long as the cost of one thousand or two thousand dollars, you can make"相关的主题文章:

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