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Ruby Lin Wallace Huo is the network Troll force imagine pay? The Sina entertainment column boiled fat Luo Jun network violence perpetrators will never stay in the past laurels, they are always on the road, always in the new challenge, this time they challenge the object, is Wallace Huo Ruby Lin. Recently, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo again airborne hot search, online news and speculation, Ruby Lin tied Wallace Huo pregnant to Wallace Huo "forced marriage", "abortion" and other news, sparked heated debate. 29, veteran Wallace Huo appeared film "hide and seek" press conference, during the interview, when asked to see the network rumors and whether to comfort his wife Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo looked up suddenly called: "this let them!" Before, for this speech, Ruby Lin studio in micro-blog angrily: can say "network violence forced" and "bundled hype" and "habitual abortion" speech of the netizens, whether you see more TV? I Chinese network public opinion field characteristics, as if never more than a rumor, and ended in the rumors under the new one, the man who plays keyboard God looked down, always will be a TV episode seamlessly to the star life, his own imagination as evidence, a variety of entertainment and not despise pollution. China more features, more powerful and imaginative, more analysis broke the news to attract a number of "insiders" to be serious, see Ruby Lin forced abortion. Dirty to Tucao, no pollution to create pollution Tucao, which is already a new rule for the entertainment star network violence. The problem is, Wallace Huo Ruby Lin what to pay for you to imagine the pollution? In the name of justice, the force of violence in the Internet to imagine the horror of the end? The network of violence was not what fresh stuff, U.S. "time" magazine in August published an article titled "why we let the Internet is full of hatred? "The theme of the article, the cool heat, from the Chinese to the international network of public opinion increasingly negative tendency has swept the world. However, China’s network violence, especially the characteristics of the network violence in the entertainment network is: pollution imagination. What is the imagination of pollution? Ruby Lin in the studio earlier this long article mentioned, since May 20th this year, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo public affair since rumours spread wantonly in the network, abuse, bad reviews almost captured Ruby Lin micro-blog. One of the most disgusting, is not every "bundle", "speculation". What’s more, the direct curse of Ruby Lin, "slippery tires". Which one of the strongest communication, by Ruby Lin studio are listed in a "still think Benjamin" micro-blog users. Why are Tucao, the user’s most sought after keyboard man? Because every word she micro-blog, in the construction of a mass of negative imaginary female star in image: as the topic of speculation, nothing, all for the flow, and live as if her life is just speculation. The most terrible is not dirty, but the public’s pursuit of this kind of pollution force imagination. She released a headline article "Ruby Lin fans — because of inferiority and sonorous, because of ignorance and narrow-minded", the amount of reading up to 400 thousand +).相关的主题文章:

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