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Tony Leung will be on a variety of   open time travel — entertainment channel — original title: Tony Leung will open on a variety of time travel Yang Mi dressed in uniform Jin Dong (picture) He Ling, Huang Lei, Henry Lau "Nongjiale" Yangcheng Evening News reporter Gong Wei Feng "Chinese new song" after ending, which programs will carry the fourth quarter the banner of variety? With the first quarter of the two quarter, led by the music reality show game show, the three quarter as the main sports reality show Shuabing compared to the fourth quarter, the biggest bright spot of variety plate will be the "experience of reality show". Hunan satellite TV has two steps of "comprehensive N generation" experience reality show, then file "we have come to the" is "real man" in 2, ushered in the third season of "the first grade" will launch "the first grade graduation season?"; Zhejiang satellite TV will launch the "West Adventure 2", also known as "brave who swims on the west", and take the road of youth "the star of our seventeen year old"; the Jiangsu satellite TV will enlarge the recruit, "time" the ferryman will be Tony Leung’s first variety show, and Wong Kar Wai from the movie cross to the TV, as show producer; Oriental TV will launch the "yearning for life", He Jiong, Huang Lei will come to the countryside, the experience of "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see" life. [link] network is also a wonderful addition to the fourth quarter of the multi file network variety to join the battle group, the strength is not less than the TV variety. Daddy where to go 4 in October 7th issued a pilot film in mango TV, the official program will be broadcast on Friday. This season, not only Cai Guoqing, Tian Liang, with their own Meng baby to join the three practice dad, Huang, Huang, and the column will be with the "MOE Meng baby" travel, learning to be a father when he was born in the world, and he would be a "father" of the world. He was also a teacher. He was the father of the children of the world. He was born to be a father. He was the father of the world. "" "". Made by the Tencent, and the video "please", "with the door of the refrigerator. The Wardrobe" is expected to be aired on November 23rd, the guest host Sheenah, Chen He. The program will expose a number of stars in the closet, the integration of stars, fashion, talk show three elements to meet the curiosity of the fans of the star. Fans can’t wait: "I want to know the story behind the closet." Some people are very realistic: "seeking the same star wardrobe Taobao." The main health lifestyle "goodbye" meat has been on the line in Youku potatoes in October 5th by Ma Donghe Jacky Wu as captain, led the two group of artists, through games and training PK, to complete the goals. The first phase of the program is for laughs, Ma Dong was thin Miuccia to "face" plastic surgery, Jia Ling directed the burning brain ballet strange, "an old traveller" in the dance than actually part of stage fright…… A few funny big coffee the next chemical reaction is worth looking forward to. Jiangsu TV Tony Leung will become the "space-time ferryman" space-time "ferry", is expected to October 21st, every Friday night on 10:00 Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai’s first variety show, "the ferryman" time to make programs not broadcast before the hot. Publicity did not note near big: "a hitherto unknown time travel, the real version of" 2046 "." This program is actually "system engineering"相关的主题文章:

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