Hangzhou Fenghua Jiazi Xuejun middle school students world to celebrate its 60 anniversary (video) jcuv是什么车

The 60 anniversary of the anniversary in Xuejun high school in celebration of the 60 anniversary of the trailer Fenghua Fenghua Jiazi Jiazi Hangzhou Xuejun middle school students world, and the world. November 5, 2016 is the 60 anniversary of founding anniversary of Hangzhou Xuejun middle school. The same day, Xuejun middle school held to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the long march of the Red Army’s 60 anniversary celebration Xuejun middle school. All the teachers and students and more than 3000 alumni gathered in Hangzhou Xuejun middle school, live video through the Tencent, and around the world to witness his alma mater alumni grand birthday xuejun. (for more on the 60 th anniversary of the founding of Xuejun high school information please click here. ) Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, Zhejiang provincial Party committee, Hangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhao Yide, vice chairman of Chinese Association He Huawu, a famous writer Wang Meng, sent a message to the Tsinghua University and the Peking University, Xuejun middle school, Zhejiang University and other universities have also expressed congratulations. On November 5th at 10 o’clock in the morning, Akiyo Kazumi, cool and bright blue sky, in the solemn national anthem, the celebration ceremony officially started. Kang Hui, the famous host, hosted the grand celebration. Hangzhou City Vice Mayor Chen Hongying, deputy party secretary of Zhejiang University professor Hu Xuyang, Chinese Computer Society Secretary General Du Zide, Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Nan Yipeng, deputy director of the provincial audit department, deputy party secretary Zhu Zhongmin, the provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Liang Xingxin, the provincial education department deputy inspector Wu Yongliang, Deputy Secretary General of the Hangzhou municipal government Chen Wei, Hangzhou Municipal Education Committee Secretary, Shen Jianping, director of the Education Bureau of Hangzhou city Xihu District District Zhang Genming and many other Xuejun high school has a deep friendship of the guests to visit the celebration scene. Xuejun high school principal Chen Ping delivered a speech at the ceremony, and invited the old high school principal Wang Jiao, Chen Shiliang Xuejun, Ren Ji long, Malisong jointly opened the electronic Xuejun middle school history museum. The old headmaster Ren Jichang and Xuejun middle school fate, can be traced back to 60s, he was Xuejun high school graduates in 69, and later 10 years as president. He said: "I was taught that most of the teachers are teachers, teachers, so I took their excellent tradition. I hope the children can now Xuejun carry forward the excellent tradition, continue to create brilliant." The famous actor, 84 alumnus Faye Yu for the celebration of the 60 anniversary of Xuejun high school recorded video blessing. In addition, many not be able to attend the alumni and Alma Mater line, they will be in the coordinates of the merged into a shining "map of the world, Xuejun alumni" alma mater at the age of 60 Happy birthday blessing. 67 alumnus Zhang Zhaoji, a ten people have been in Xuejun middle school. He was invited by President Chen Ping to share his alma mater at the ceremony. Although the passage of time, but Zhang Zhaoji still remember those years of little – the teacher to let him learn a foreign language, he taught singing Russian songs, give him lay a solid foundation in foreign language. Zhang Zhaoji on the stage is also fluent in the scene to the guests said on a Russian, drew applause applause. 96 graduates Yu Luyang also took the stage as a representative of alumni. His mother is a middle school teacher lover is Xuejun, Xuejun high school alumni, so Yu Luyang for his alma mater, have more intimate feelings. Yu Luyang said that the mother’s upbringing and education so that he will never forget his alma mater’s education and training to make him a lifetime benefit. "Xuejun graduates" is not only.相关的主题文章:

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