Luzhou, a young woman to steal a candid camera 200 yuan private (Figure) (video) 追踪309

Luzhou, a young woman photographed bathing to extort 200 yuan "private" (Figure) suspects (Gulin police) Sichuan news network Luzhou (micro-blog WeChat) September 23rd news (reporter Yue Dong) once encountered nude blackmail, what would you do? Many people often choose to swallow, spend money misfortunes. September 18th, Luzhou, Gulin, a woman on the face of such a problem: the day suddenly received a text message, the content of the message is actually a photo of their own bath, and asked to give 200 yuan". In this case, the woman decisively choose alarm… Or a xiaomou. Unmarried young women, living in the dormitory units. On the morning of September 18th, when she was browsing the phone, a strange ID called in and asked to add friends…… After a while, issued a series of photos from this number, look carefully even all of their bathing photos, this let xiaomou was angry and afraid. Then, another message sent over: take 200 dollars to put in a certain place, or put your nude sent out…… Xiaomou anxious. However, she soon calmed down, side and deal with each other, while decisive alarm. Concerning the privacy of citizens, in order to avoid greater influence, after the alarm, Gulin county to the police station rushed to the scene to investigate. Who will be? Who’s so boring? Why the amount of extortion so low…… After careful analysis, the police station to carry out a large number of people around the Mopai work, two suspects surfaced. Through the investigation again, the police ruled out one of the suspects, eventually locked the local juvenile liu…… Gulin police will soon be arrested Liu, Liu and carry a cell phone to find out a number of private photos xiao. According to Liu explained that he found xiaomou bathing place can peep, so they were photographed while xiaomou bath. At present, the case is under further investigation. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the man claiming to have a mental illness hidden camera videotaping women skirts相关的主题文章:

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