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The State Bureau of Cultural Relics: to avoid excessive use of cultural development of National Cultural Relics Bureau recently issued the "opinions on promoting the rational use of cultural relics" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), proposed to expand the openness of social cultural resources and other initiatives, requested by the departments of cultural relics management and use of various types of immovable cultural relics should be open to the public, not open to the public to clear open time. "Opinions" pointed out that in recent years, the rapid development of the cause of cultural relics in China, promote the reasonable utilization of cultural relics has gradually become a social consensus on the protection of cultural relics and cultural relics; at the same time, the use of cultural resources is still open degree is not high, not much, by means of social participation is not enough and excessive use, improper use and other issues. How to take measures to effectively let heritage alive? "Opinions" put forward six specific measures: including the expansion of cultural relics resources and social openness, promote interlibrary exchanges to enhance the utilization rate, strengthen the collection of revolutionary relics exhibition utilization and innovation of utilization, the implementation of the cultural and creative product development policies and encourage social forces to participate in. In addition, the Opinions also put forward the accurate grasp of the basic principles of the use of Cultural Relics: first, adhere to the social benefits in the first place; two is to adhere to the law compliance; the three is to adhere to a reasonable and appropriate. Opinions stressed that the use of cultural relics must be to ensure the safety of cultural relics as a precondition, shall not damage cultural relics, damage to cultural relics, cultural relics and environmental impact. The use of cultural relics must be controlled within the scope of the resources of the cultural relics, so as to avoid over exploitation. (source: Collection express ginger Xiao)相关的主题文章:

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