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"Eleven" Shandong nearly 100 thousand couples married in   with the elements of popular mobile phone transfers – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: "eleven" in Shandong in 100 thousand married couples with the elements of popular mobile phone transfer "eleven" is a year of marriage in the season, this year’s seven days of "eleven" during the holidays, Shandong province a total of 96 thousand and 700 couples got married. With the 90 after 95 into the marriage hall, with the elements of the way is also changing, and gradually from a red envelope into a network transfer. 2 day and 6 day two day more than 80 thousand people in the province "take off" in October 2nd, 26 year old guy Zhang Xing married his girlfriend of seven years, 6 in Caoxian, they returned to Ji’nan early in the morning, held a return banquet dinner in Ji’nan, colleagues and friends. "It is not easy to set up the hotel, during the eleven star hotels are booked." Zhang Xing said. Shandong province Specialized Committee etiquette celebration propaganda minister Liu Yongbo said, according to the summary statistics around the "eleven" period, the province’s total of 96 thousand and 700 couples wedding and wedding ceremony, including tourism married population. "In October 2nd and October 6th on the same day, the province’s total population reached a peak of marriage, 40 thousand and 600 couples in the two day wedding and wedding ceremony." It is understood, especially on that day in October 2nd, held in Ji’nan and Qingdao wedding and the wedding ceremony of the new, more than 3000 of. Although the number of married people reached a peak, but compared to last year’s eleven period, the number of marriages has declined from 109 thousand and 900 pairs down to 96 thousand and 700 pairs. "This is due to the decline in the number of marriageable population. At present, from the province’s point of view, the number of marriageable population decreased year by year, resulting in the annual number of marriages is also reduced." Liu Yongbo said. Convenient for the young to dig money with mobile phone convenient popularization of intelligent mobile phone and method of payment, the wedding ritual is changing. Liu Yongbo said, with the "90" after "95" has reached the age of marriage, their payment has been with the "80" and the older population is very different, so the network to "money" phenomenon in the past two years more and more. Dinner time, Zhang Xing at the door waiting to welcome. Have come with the ceremony and reception table. Zhang Xing’s colleague Li Le hurriedly ran to the check-in desk, placed in two years ago, he is to take the cash and signed his name, but this time, he took out his mobile phone directly, with a few, sign your name and the amount of money, went to the room and turned to follow welcome. Soon, Zhang star WeChat received Li Le transfer information. Li Le is not alone. After many guests to the wedding Hotel, all the scene to Zhang star transfer, through WeChat or Alipay to "money" to some friends before the check-in desk, leave a name directly to eat the wedding. Students, friends with the money, whether or not to the scene, mostly through the network transfer." Zhang Xing said. But the bride Mary WeChat zero purse number, also reached its peak. "Light on WeChat received more than 20 thousand transfers." Mary count)相关的主题文章:

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