Autumn dry skin to pay more than 12 kinds of food out of the autumn dry Moisturizing 乃々果花

Autumn dry skin to pay more than 12 kinds of food out of the autumn dry moisturizing moisturizing autumn climate, in addition to skin care products to protect the skin, in fact, should also do a good job in the internal conditioning. If every day to add some with a moisturizing effect of fruit, from the inside to resist drying, let the water of wet skin effectively. What do you eat in autumn? Xiaobian to introduce you to some healthy food, let you eat a supple muscle in autumn. Persimmon, sweet and delicious soft persimmon wait until fall to ripe, fruity sweet astringent, cold, lung, spleen, stomach, lung heat. Persimmon sweet astringent, cold. It contains vitamins and sugar to be higher than the average fruit one to two times. Can nourishing Huwei, clear Zaohuo, often edible can fill the empty cough, intestinal, heat removal. Fasting eat persimmons susceptible to stomach persimmon stone disease, so it is best to eat a meal, try to eat persimmon skin. Citrus – autumn fruit citrus fruit has become the "king of fruits" in the fall, in addition to smell fresh and refreshing, but also can eliminate the dryness in autumn. The maximum effect of water chestnut – Qingrejiedu water chestnut is clearing heat and detoxification. Kiwi – the king of the kiwi C is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, not only can whiten the skin, but also improve the skin’s antioxidant capacity, enhance the skin’s anti-aging ability. In addition, this fruit also contains serum hormone, can help us to stabilize mood, calm mood; rich dietary fiber can promote heart health, help digestion. Pomegranate: good fruit – pomegranate pomegranate is western products, since the Han Dynasty into the central plains. Pomegranate sweet acid, astringent temperature, can effectively resist oxidation, reduce the body’s deposition of oxidized cholesterol, anti-aging, but also for the treatment of dry throat thirst. Grape grape — strengthening the spleen and stomach and spleen stomach, high nutritional value, sweet taste is to love. The high content of glucose in autumn, but easy to be absorbed by the human body, proper consumption, will not cause too much burden. Peach: Peach Buzhongyiqi Buzhong, nourishing Yin, is also a beauty jiapin. Banana – Four Seasons fruit banana is a delicious fruit of the four seasons, often eat bananas, moisturizing the skin, to prevent dry skin. Natural mineral water – pear pear fruit also known as fast, jade milk, tender and juicy is known as "natural mineral water". With Qingrejiedu, dryness, Qingxin fire effect. Have a fairly good moisturizing effect on lung, bronchial and upper respiratory tract, can help digestion, promote appetite, and have good antipyretic and diuretic effects. Eat one to two pears a day can effectively alleviate the autumn dryness. Sugarcane sugarcane — Qingfei heat in the lung, stomach, sweet and cool his cane, is one of the best food for clearing lung heat. In addition to rich in sugar and water is very beneficial, also contains a lot of vitamins and other substances to The new supersedes the old., making all kinds of sugar used in the south people habit, sweet and with fragrance juice let autumn better. Apple – the doctor’s first drug apple is also known as ping Po, apple is rich in nutrition, is a widely used natural beauty fruit. Apple contains a lot of water and a variety of moisturizing factors.相关的主题文章:

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